Workplace of the future

A long time ago, precisely on traditionalist, workplace was very simple as we don’t even think. The kinds of section of generation which followed one another after traditionalist are: Baby Boomers, Gen x, and millennial.

Of course, if you look, we are living on the 2000 generation and are staying on. 2000 generation, it is who we are. Our workplace is quite far from those mentioned above because we are covered into the numerical universe. Thus, all 2020s’ generation, we are using more and more internet, that is to say most of the company and many works cannot operate without internet.

Traditionally, workplace was a kind of establishment into which one one or more work areas are located. Few years later, workplace diversity increases and more were born. Shortly, it will increase more than to before and on the future, workplace will be amazingly and considerably changed.In order to know well the future of the workplace, allow us to see few points explaining at first time how workplaces are actually. At the rest, let us to see wholly how workplace of the future would be.


-Usefulness: Between baby boomers and millennium, more and more job has been created. It increased little by little, but during the millennium till this generation into we are, no job doesn’t use internet. Yes, entrepreneur has to use it in the aim of managing his Web Site, thing allowing their company to progress. That companies are using actually and habitually a mail addresses for communication, but in the near future, it will change.

-Technology’s progress: At the last decade, technology, precisely internet, is not stopping progressing. It is sure that shortly or on the future, even an individual will be able to create and manage his own Web site. For instance, internauts’ number increases and many people will know perfectly about manipulating internet. In a way, all works cannot indispensable on the future of workplace and teams. We know very well that technology (virtual reality, face recognition, collaboration tools and/or data collected) evolves exponentially.


-Flexible schedules and measures: Shortly, flexible schedules will be offer to us so that we can manage ourselves all our works and can work at the time as we like. Yes, according to the Bentley University, workplace would be very productive, and 77% of this generation that we are will feel a quite flexible hour through their work.

If you envisage becoming entrepreneur, you need to buil trust to the areas of our workplace, even a little, won’t prevent us to work at home or into our little area’s company. Moreover, you can provide your workers a choice, that is to say, let them to choose their workplace either on freelance or on premises.

-Tolls’ diversity at home and into companies’ premises on the future: As explained above, individual, organization, association and company cannot act without internet. Thus, computer is the most used. Internet server such as ADSL, router and desk office are the same. Besides, those one are all we need. Yes, workplace will be at home. In the future, we won’t need to look for a professional in our geographical location. All we need will be a qualified network allowing us to earn our freelancer from either our company or from our home. As a matter of fact, many companies wish to be in collaboration one another in the aim of creating more virtual workplace.


In the past, we join the company into which we work and return, and thus our routine. However, actually and on the future, we can choose our own workplace anywhere and at any time. In the regard to the company and organization, they won’t anymore occupy more space somewhere. They will use rather more network shared of values. Theses one allows to accomplish task, to undertake a relationship, to share a service, to interact with others and even to create a new identity.

In the future, everywhere would become workplace such as: home office, airport, hotel, coffee shop, airplane, and so on. Yes, nearly anywhere with Wi-Fi connection will be a workplace. Many people and internaut will have a possibility to use “small office”, and this one is a kind of leading workplace. “Small office” is looking like home office, but his particularity is that: he is intended to a worker a customized and personalized setting. A very great sophistication of tools and workplace will happen by the year 2050, and anyone will devote to work into a traditional office. All business leaders will envisage being more and more productive as well as workers across the world.