“Don’t be a fool about technology…”

Are you lost when it comes to the evolution of technology?

Usually, two sides are opposed about exposing the dangers of technology.

On the one hand, some tell you to shut down Facebook and stop using your smartphone all day.

On the other hand, others tell you technology is here to make your life easier and you have nothing to worry about if you don’t have anything to hide.

TechFools stand in the middle…

Today we can’t keep our mouth shut when we observe how people are lost about internet and technology in general…

We know how to manipulate search engines and social media algorithms and influence customer behavior. Thus, #TechFools is part of the problem. Nothing is what it seems.

#TechFools don’t reject technology, but we want to tell you the good, the bad and the ugly. Internet remembers everything, forever, and there is always someone watching.

As the founders of #TechFools, our mission is about education. You must become aware about the dangers of technology and internet in particular. We are not going backwards. However, we can’t go on with throwing away our rights to privacy. We can’t take internet for granted.

We can’t be immature anymore because technology has evolved too quickly…

TechFools Mascot