What is the Gafa and why are they the kings of the internet

Internet is the most used numerical system around the word. Anyone having device, or computer and willing to connect are using the platform. Professors, students, children, employees, entrepreneurs and experts use the internet at least once in a day. You just need some device and internet access to navigate. This is system working with internet protocol and this is a whole of a big computer linkages. This network is an international network which involves the relation between people, nation, enterprises and other entities. The GAFA has been considered as the principal leaders of internet. It is then important to know what is this and why they are considered as the kings of the internet and sometimes out of the law.


GAFA is an abbreviation, and contraction of 4 powerful giants of web. There is Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon. These are international firms born in United States from 70’s. Developed in 1998 Google has begun their activities with search engine. He became very popular and the most used search engine in the world from 2000. Many web sites and pages are listed in Google: studies, foods, receipts and more others. After that Apple which started in 1976 with Steve Jobs is among the group. Their products are laptop, cell phone, smartphones, iPod, iPad, video games and other services. This American firm has dominated the local market and grown intensively in the entire world. And then, Facebook, arrived in 2004 with Mark Zuckerberg, had become the most used social network in the domain. The Facebook is the new place where you can find all you want like relationship, commerce, job opportunities and news. There is also Amazon, which is originally dedicated in selling book. After its evolution they pierce in other goods like computer, cars, clothes and services. Developed by Jeff Bezos in 1994, they became, with a high turnover the first commercial website in France. The development of big four has marked the numerical revolution and the third industrial uprising.

The numerical systems has increased in popularity and intensity with intervention of these 4 actors. That situation had been so outstanding in the beginning of 2000. Moreover GAFA is going to change to GAFAM due to the evolution and progression of Microsoft in the informatics field. However Microsoft was the first pioneer of computer but its power is still questioned by analysts.


The GAFA is perceived as the king of internet because of his influence in the world. Almost all countries from the north are using them. The same situation is occurring in the south and the third word. This is a worldwide system that represents billions bites of data circulating in the world. Though their prowess, some countries are not covered by them due to the control of government like in some Asiatic country.

First, since its creation, Google has put in the market Google search, Android, YouTube, Chrome, Nexus, AdSense, Earth, and Gmail. These are very popular and with the arrival of Google Home, they are closer to users. Amazon has made the first artificial intelligence “Alexa” accessible to public. And have the greatest market in the e-commerce. In the side of Facebook, they are the most powerful social network in the world with 1.2 billion of users in 2017. Every internet users know Facebook and has already click on their Emblem once in their life. The use of Facebook became widespread and they multiply their cooperation with mobile and telecommunication firm. Additionally, we want to put Apple at last because in the start it is just a computer manufacturer but has a great impact in the use of software and numerical distribution. Internet and Apple products is now mixed. From iMac to Apple TV you can get internet connection once you have access. The firm is in competition with Microsoft and in the domain of computer manufacturing they are still the best of the sector. This last component of GAFA or GAFAM is considerably a major element in the big five royalty. Its situation is sometimes arguable but however it deserves to be a part of GAFA. The firm has developed many varieties of products that are compatible to the web such as Microsoft windows, Bing, Xbox, Skype, MSN, LinkedIn, Band, Lumia and many other devices.

These 5 firms have got a big prominence in their field especially in the web and internet. Their products and services are those we are referring in the field of internet and web. The denomination of “Kings of internet” is absolutely evident after looking at their production and innovation capacity. 5 kings that are in competition but in the other hand in partnership due to the market change and the demand of users


The situation of GAFA is incredible because these firms has succeed to maintain their performance and popularity within these 45 years of presence. In the front of that, the world is served and can take what they want. First, the presence of GAFA facilitates considerably the life of all users and their communities. Many information, technics, utilities, goods and businesses can be seen in all of their products. . It became easy to live and many tasks can be completed automatically. You can talk easily and quickly to your acquaintances and family without moving, learn without professors or manage your business automatically. In the other hand, there is the problem of health which states that screen can decay our vision and sound decay our ears. Moreover, the privacy problem while using intelligent device or internet browsers. Providers is in certain manner free to use your private information if you don’t really understand all terms.

At last but not the least, the problem of fake news and fake facts has plunged the world in a deep system of frauds and lies. Initiatives have been taken by the firm and by each state due to that situation. But it’s up on each user to secure their accounts information.