What is Qwant?

Qwant is a search engine launched in 2013. It has been made to respond to the problem of confidentiality and privacy. The firm declare that the bowsers don’t track their users and they don’t store the users’ information. Qwant had been then realized to get a lot of quantity of data for those who want to navigate and investigate freely without being spied on. Qwant offers many results while searching through it such as new, social, images videos and music. There are many features that facilitate the users’ navigation. It supports low performance computer and can work easily in whatever smart device. If don’t really understand the concept, Qwant is alike Google but some annoying features had been removed in order to give more freedom to users. Qwant web presentation is really unique due to its interactive contents with other web site and pages. But we are in a deal here because, if Qwant is a search engine, what is the difference from other engine?


Developed in Europe Qwant is the first engine to dispose its own technology to avoid tracking users. That responds to the needs of all users due to their concerns about privacy. In the other hand this new search engine guaranty that they don’t use any users’ information in publicity or marketing purposes. Qwant doesn’t use cookies and doesn’t follow their users. They have objective not to bother users and public to make navigation safer. There is no historical storage and all you actions are deleted after browsing. They give the opportunity to look for everything you want and avoid to enter in users private life. The results are efficient and many measures have been undertaken by the firm to avoid malware, spyware and spam.

After its start in 2014, they have today more than 25 million visitors per month. That is incredible for a firm that has just started to pierce in the sector. That is probably to its safe navigation. There are large range of information you can look for and they give priority to the education and socialization. They use technology based on “Liberty” that is easy to use and respect your privacy. Qwant is available for those who don’t want to be tracked or spied on while browsing. The problem is always when malware, cookies, or spam track all the users system due to browser.


Nowadays all firm specialized in the field of internet is not sheltered from the use of smart devices such as smartphone. Search engines have a part in our everyday life. Actually, we need to look for something in the internet. And that is for all things related to our life, educations or futures. We know all that Google is the number one in this sector. Google has got the largest market. However, there are many others that want to enter in this sector. That’s why Qwant has tried to challenge Google in every web field. The entering of Qwant in mobile has marked is growth during these 4 years. In contrary of many other search engines Qwant guaranty users’ privacy even on mobile application. Any cookies would be stored to track users. Qwant want to stress on that features because they know that non-users don’t use internet due to the confidentiality issue. The mobile application is a version of Qwant that allows users to navigate on the web without computer. It has got the same characteristics and still to same objective as computer search engine version. There won’t be cookies, tracing and historical tracks. The presence of liberty tool ensure the protection of users’ independence. At last Qwant application mobile allows to protect and store your data with no fear of to be stolen thanks to their safe directory option. There is application for Android and iOS.


There are already many alternative browsers such as yahoo and Bing. But they use the same system as standard browsers. Cookies and some tracking action are always undertook. Thus Qwant took the initiative to protect users and give them the chance to learn and to investigate in the internet with no worry of confidentiality. Founded by Manuel Rozan, it is an alternative browser that synthetize Google, Twitter and Facebook. The browser is not focusing on tracking users. Their politic is based on users’ safety. While browsing, any annoying advertisement is bothering users. They want users to focus on their priority to get knowledge and information they need. The Qwant search engine gives efficient results and they class them by priority and importance. Moreover a specific feature like yearbook application allows to master the security of users’ data in whole mobile application. You don’t have to be worry anymore. Your mobile experience became safer and more relevant due to Qwant.

In the same aim of Qwant other firm has begun to enter in the field of users’ protection. Many of them took the same initiative as Qwant. There is Firefox Focus, dedicated to the privacy. DuckDuckGo mobile which assert not tracking users. In addition there is Opera of Google which introduced other additional options to blocks cookies and users tracing. These alternative browsers are now competition and each of them try to satisfy users by implementing many options responding to their specific needs. Qwant has been the forerunner of this virtual search revolution since 2013.

By quality of being based in Europe, users gain some protection from strict European confidentiality laws. There is the general rules about what Qwant is really strict and severe. Dispositions taken by the firm is to delete data users’ navigation, to hide their identity and offer much liberty to the users. They claim to give more defense to all users from bothering features. Qwant is now then a search engine for those who has concerns about privacy. It is like all search engines that gives many relevant results but its security is higher than other engines.