What is crypto mining?

When you are thinking about this idea, it is impossible to imagine what that conception might be. For Informatic experts, it seems easy if they are interested in. For miner, it might be a new opportunity to discover treasures. And for the public, it is perhaps view as a new manner of mining for finding value or money. In order to be clear, Cryptocurrencies are alternative virtual moneys. There other kinds of cryptocurrencies like Peercoin and Namecoin. They don’t have legal currency but their value is accepted by the virtual system. In opposite of standard money of financial institutions, they are managed by an account journal that you can check and then you can follow all the movement, transactions and operations from the start. This is a new system of money that is relevant enough to be used in the future. You surely ask yourself, how is it working? Or what are the benefits? So, let’s explore the incredible system of crypto mining.


The crypto mining is a method which consists of creating money through crypto currency network. This is based on mathematical problem that must be resolved. There are crypto mining tools like in the Bitcoin mining. This is then a system that needs miners. Like in the real situation to obtain stone or precious goods, we need someone to mine it before. So the principle is the same. There are miners who mine with the help of crypto currency mining tool and they will be rewarded by a new crypto currencies. Nowadays the Bitcoins is most common Cryptocurrency mined by new virtual miners. This is the first Cryptocurrency accepted by the system and its value is around 650 dollar per Bitcoin. Simply speaking, the mining is the process with which crypto moneys or Bitcoins are put in the exchange. The objectives of miners is then to secure transactions and operations through mathematical calculation and confirm them at the same time. This process is called the proof of work with which they can attest transaction and claim for being paid. The payment is in Bitcoin or in crypto currency and it is the total of Bitcoins created and the transaction fees.

The miners are in competition and their revenues are proportional to the number of calculations carried out. Furthermore, mining is the basic process in what generation, diffusion and validation of transactions of cryptocurrencies is done. It ensures the protection, the security and the stability of all operations. There is no longer need of hard structure for financial operation or deal. There is no central authority to regulate and control the trade. It is controlled by all parties involved. With crypto mining, miners and nodes monitor and validate operations which generates currency.


Miners’ missions are to create Bitcoin and verify network. That is perceived as the main objectives of miners which are part of standard currency system. The generation of new currency is ensured by the mining tool. The resolution of algorithm generates the new money. It shows all process and indicate what the pace of the operation is. As usual employees, miners are rewarded by a salary. This reward is under form of Cryptocurrency that involves currency block and the cost of the transaction. The competition is then launched when you want to be the first to gain a lot of crypto currency. As we saw previously, for each cracked Bitcoin block, Bitcoins are given to a minor as a compensation. So the objective is to attain a certain amount that allow nodes to be the king of Bitcoin.

Miners’ procedure transactions by verifying the ownership of the currency from source to destination. Each contains the hodgepodge of the previous operation made by the possessor through which authenticity of a present transaction is tested, thus validating it. There is no double expenditure on a transaction thanks to the validation system. The miners play a vital role in all operation especially when operation takes place they have to confirm it and gather transaction and take them into the block they have currently solved. The Blockchain is the main support of crypto mining because after resolution, the blocks are put in the Blockchain. The challenge is then in the block resolution. It implicates difficult resolution of algorithm and mathematical problem. These are a range of hard and long problem to crack and unlock. After solving mathematical problem, the block is allowed to be broadcast to the ledger and the minors would be rewarded in return. This is then a math competition which aim is to get coins after resolution. This system is a kind of maintenance of the equality of the competition and the structure. This is then a numerical currency system, but why do we have to undertake it?


There are many reasons why do you want to taste or start something, especially when it is new. In the case of mining, reasons are abundant. But your attention can swap over the time when you see the progress of the system. First the characteristics of Cryptocurrency are attractive and the motivation of its users are different from one to another. As it is a money, that involves economics and finances. In this sector many activities can be done. That is why it is good to associate crypto money to commerce, finance transactions or business operations. The coherence of the system is worth to trust due to its system of ledger where you can trace your transactions from the beginning to the end. For those who are interested in technology this is a new opportunity to get new knowledge about crypto currency and all about its operational system. You can use Bitcoins as a real money even it is not officially legalized, so in the future you will need no more to do physical business operation but all occur on the internet platform.