What is Alexa ?

A name that have many of women around the world. Is it about woman then? That is the first question in our mind. But it is not the case because we are in the field of technology. In order to be clear “Alexa” (or Amazon Alexa) is a part of the latest technology developed by Amazon, using voice control. That is a kind of virtual assistant that help you in some tasks. But why did they chose the name Alexa? It is stated that this name is easy to remember due to letter X. This new device has been launch by Amazon in 2014. In 2016 a big challenger developed Google Home to maintain the force equality. Now Alexa is an echo to Google Home. For more detail let’s develop the theme and go to explore qualities of Alexa.


In 2014 Amazon has developed Alexa speaker, a virtual assistant that acts after voice command. This is an artificial intelligence that can manage many smart devices, to control and interact with them. It can play media such as music and audio files, control devices, your phone, the light, make an order to Amazon and ordering items from other suppliers. Moreover, Alexa speaker can give you the weather situation at any moments, at any time, better than anyone. It is simple to wear and to operate. Its smart shape give the chance to bring it outside your home. This device has an objective to reduce your effort and help you in all you do. This is an artificial intelligence made for all sort of people and users can find out many other extension in application stores according to their needs. This device is one of the machine called intelligent digital personal assistant. You can take profit of actuality, variation of weather and real time novels occurring around the world. If you want to ask specific issues or technics, Alexa is the for you.

The amateur of music are rewarding by the large music platform it supports such as Pandora, Apple music, Amazon music and Google play music. To buy this apparatus give the occasion to command smart devices you can implement in your home. You can chose equipment from IFTT, Philips Hue, Belkin or Eco. Furthermore, there are some food suppliers’ web services available like Pizza Hut and Seamless. As an electronic assistant, at home you can communicate to all member of your family without moving. At your enterprise, you are able to manage and to organize all task with Alexa. It permit to have a web conference, to remind tasks and to remind what is the planning. Papers, paper notes and diaries are not useful at all, Alexa can solve your problem and help you to organize your life. It’s time to switch and use Alexa services.


We are in a continuous innovation so Amazon is not far from competitors. After 2 years of domination, Amazon encounter his first challenger in digital personal assistant. The giant Google did not resist to the temptation and launched their Google home to Alexa, which has rushed in admiration in recent years. Thus this comparison is a good point to commit when we talk about virtual assistant app. It is evident that a product can’t be defined as a good product unless it has been compared to a similar one. That’s why we are undertaking a little comparison between the two smart devices.

First we are going to talk about Alexa and its features. It is compatible with a lot of services. Many smart home have compatibles devices with Alexa and Echo. If you have refrigerators, or electronic car, Alexa has the capabilities to command them: turn on, turn off, lower level or play a radio station. There are many options such as Bluetooth connection, complete audio cable, storage of voice command, storage of all schedules and user friendly features you can easily manipulate. You can focus on many tasks and reorganize your schedule as good as it can. In the other hand we have Google Home. First it controls Google search which allows users to receive better results while searching. In order to alert users there is a beep to notify users according to their schedule or program. When the user says “OK, Google,” Home alert users that there is some change in their planning. While Alexa doesn’t contain notifications as a principal feature. Brief this is a battle of multinationals which seem to continue for a long moment. But how about privacy?


The privacy issue is still a problem impossible to clarify completely. When technology evolves, it is going in the sense of intrusion to private life. That is a fact because all devices that need users must have users’ information. The problem is situated at the moment when you are discussing and Alexa is listening to you. That is quite annoying. But the Amazon has implemented options to overtake this problem. There is kind of key word that you pronounce before allowing the device to register what you are talking about. That avoids to disclose sensitive information. That means any record is acting without the key word. We have to memorize “key word” in order to record something. If you don’t want to be register, you can switch it off or avoid to start conversation with your key word. In addition to that, there is the options with which you can manage your device by contacting Amazon customer service. You can ask them to clear all registrations al all information you want. So, we don’t have to forget Amazon Alexa system, how is it working and how to have a secure use of it. You can also control your Alexa by your application phone. If you lost it you can ask the Amazon to clear all data.

In sum, you have to be careful if you want to start use such device. Its high performance might be uncontrollable for you if you are no prudent while using it. This is a ground-breaking product and its features allows many risk of privacy intrusion. So use it but be careful.