Social media take much more essence to our lives. Since its creation, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp or any other social medias allow us to promote our communication between each other or with the rest of the world. Sometimes the first reaction that we have when we want to speak to someone is to go to social media to search them instead of calling them directly. It is more common currently.

Behaviour like that is considered as normal if you are using social media especially when you are IN. However, when you can not stand doing them even for one day, you should think yourself as you are about to be addicted to. Social medias addiction began when one person always check his/her phone everytime even if there is nothing to do there. A huge usage of social medias can have bad effects on teens health.


Social medias addiction is a source of case studies for a lot of sites.

They watch how many times you access how many apps and what you do with your life, besides switching between your dozens of applications. For your life and your health, the conclusion of all those studies is that you should turn off your smartphone at least 5 hours a day. You can connect with people in real life and you’ll that will help your sanity.


In terms of time, a person who has a social media addiction does not see time they spend on social media by day, namely it is the case when the person uses Facebook. Once you realise that your room is in a mess when you switch off your phone, know that you have wasted all of your time on chatting, sharing, commenting and posting on social instead of cleaning your room.

When you see something happening on the street, you are not conscious if it is appropriate or inappropriate fact to share online but you urge to post it. You are more focus on what are people reaction when seeing the same thing as you. Do they have the same reaction or have they other point of view ?- That is the important for you. It means that you become more sensible of what is going on and do not have your own life apart from sharing sharing and sharing.

You do not have your own personality. You can not surpass an issue unless you pass through social media to exhibit it. You feel a certain support when you are online by the comment of your followers or friends. Thus, you get attached to social media.

Another point also is when you are about to lose connexion due to the fact that there is network problem. You begin to shout and mumble everytime. Then, you are frustrated by the situation. You want to search for solution whereas you know that you can not do anything. You have to wait till the network will be established.

When you think that socializing online is better that offline. You are at ease to speak to someone who you do not see or not even know. You do not have difficulties to carry conversation with those persons. However, when you are out of your screen, you are blocked when it comes to speak to physical person. In that case, make sure that you have problems.

You are addicted to social media also when you think about your phone everytime. You do not have life and can not live it as it should be because you are so obsessed by your phone. You build some tie between you and your phone so that you can not get rid of it.

People who are addicted to social media is not interested to life apart from what they found online. It is like they live in a parallel universe. They have their own life which is totally limited. They ignore real life as they give more importance to what they see on screen.


First of all, you have to set up rules in your everyday life. In these rules, the essential is that you can dispatch time. You have to implement rules of when you have to use phone and when you do not. If you spend all of your time on social media, order yourself to reduce it for example twice or three times a day.

It is a good thing that you want to share everything with your friends but educate yourself to have purpose for each posts. It means that you should think twice when you are about to share what you see. For instance, when you are on road and cross a dog which is dressed up. Are you going to take photo and immediately post it online ? Before giving a response to this question, ask yourself why you should post it ? What is the purpose if you will or if not ? If you can reply to all of these questions with the GOOD answers, go ahead. But if it is not the case abandon !

Avoid exposing your life online. If you have problems, speak to the person around you verbally. It is more comfortable for you after when you hear the advice or see the person implication to your problem. It will improve also your relation out of your screen. Thus, you regain trust in yourself since you get all support you need to surpass your matters. After all, you will get a hug !

Try to calm down when you are faced to problem. Always analyse situation, in that case you can forge your brain as well as your heart to be hard. Take life easy as it is and do not give more importance to little things that not deserve to have.

For your own good, alter your settings. You should disable any alerts on your phone. You should use your brain to remember all dates for your friends birthday. Not all but those friends who is important for you including all your family members. You will use your memory at that time and it is beneficial for you. In addition, you have to buy alarm clock if you want to keep away from your phone. Once you have alarm clock, you can be sure that you are not touching your phone any longer.

Whatever you do, wherever you are, social media is still social media. It was created to valorise « Social » life and it is its goal. Socializing is good but doing it much more than the limit is not good at all since it can prompt some issues. You are now aware of what are the signs of addiction to social media, so look at yourself and take the rules if you tend to addict to it.