Minority report in real life

We admire the exponential growth of technology.

It might be that we don’t believe the ability of Minority report in real life. Yes, it is a kind of Software that is able to predict who will commit an aggression or a murder. There are many kinds of Software and systems that endowed with a Minority report real life.


We need the progression of technology in real life: Most of people use social network every day. All our action into social media is collected in “big data”. Thanks to this one, the Artificial Intelligence makes headway amazingly. Minority report in real life is among that Artificial Intelligence.

The very big companies need Minority in real life: Whether in real life and in the public domain, companies and police need Minority report in real life. Minority in real life is a kind of a potential interface. PCA Predictive Crime Analytics’ announcement reveals: security’s system of Minority report in real life is “specifically designed to advance the public safety initiatives of cities and municipalities”. That means that predictive analytics is derived and is based on amount of information collected or gathered from all social network and social media and databases. Besides, that system “improved access to video data” thing making easy the supervision of real life. For example, LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department), based on Los Angeles, always uses big data in the aim of predicting crimes. In a way, most of companies in world use that system in order to make easier their intervention their pursuance. Yes, they proceed like that with a view to keep our life in safe.


Pre-crime: As its name indicates, this system of security is a kind of Software allowing predicting who will commit the crime. There is a film into which Pre-crime’s function is shown. The film intitules “Pre-cogs”. In this one, Pre-crime informs the police where will happen the crime.

There is a redoubtable method to practice with Pre-crime. That method is already studied by the researchers. So, this Software is able to note if the criminals is walking suspiciously. In 2008, CCTV was installed by Portsmouth city council and relates that one with the Software in order to detect all patterns that cross the criminals. Besides, if we don’t rate to record the walking paths of people in car parks, spotting the would-be thieves would be detected more easily than ever. The thief doesn’t steal the car directly and doesn’t walk directly to the car. It is difficult to detect his goal but thanks to Pre-crime, we will see easily from his subtly suspicious appearance revealed by pre-crime.

PredPol: PredPol predicts when will take place some crime and what type of crime will occur in each region that they inspects. Their aim is to install policemen’s intervention. They want also to reduce costs and prevent crime or at least to increase crime anticipation effectiveness.

As anticipated above, the main function of PredPol is to predict what kind of crime is occurring in one area. This system, precisely this prediction service, is settled by Dr. Jeff Brantingham. He is an anthropology professor at UCLA. He led that study and founded that system in company with Mathematician named Dr. George Mohler. He teaches at Santa Clara University. The prediction service founded by these professor helps to analyze historical data from past crimes. Besides, this prediction helps also the policemen to be able to predict future crime types and regions.

There is a movie intitules “Minority Report”. In this one, there is also a kind of prediction that proceeds by policemen. As a matter of fact, PredPol don’t operate like that.

PredoPol is done to inspect the types of crimes whether where the crime are occurred. Moreover, PredPol can point precisely the time and date. In that case, PredPol will have a little function as Pre-crime, predict future crimes. PredPol particularity is about the fact that it can receive data from the police authorities’ RMS. Thanks to this one, In a way, Predpol computer are going on inform us or the companies about the type of crime that occurred in some place.

On the one hand, as we know it, PredPol computer-learning techniques and advanced mathematics. That is a part of his redoubtable function. On the other hand, It is very adequate to studies the psychology and the behavior of criminals. Beyond, after a small crime, PredPol understands where the next crime occurred. As soon as one crime occurs, PredPol updates the program in order to making new predictions each day. Beyond this update, every 6 months, it re-learns all crime patterns. That means that if there was a very bit error that commit PredPol, he study the situation again. The result is that, since United States have been using PredPol each intervention and pursuance, robbery in the market public was reduced by about 22% while crime was reduced by about 13%.

Most people think that compared with Google map and other system that predicted crime a long time ago, PredPol’s accuracy is lower. The case is in to contrary. PredPol is mad to be the very high-quality. Yes, for 80 years in Los Angeles, 13 crime data are accumulated. PredPol try to calculate the crime rate during policemen intervention for each region.


Gesture-based computing: This system is mad by the MIT scientist named John Underkoffler. And then he has created his own company to sell Gesture-based computing. Gesture-based computing is anymore used by the big companies because other invention of technology has overtaken it like Apple and iPhone.

Computer-guided cars: According to this system, we can see it all over the most of the market. In the past, Los Angeles has used it and has had an “autonomous car”. However, it is mad to be not used b