Matrix real life

We, 2000 generation, are a part of a giant computer simulation. Yes, actually, we live in this one. Besides, reality is merely an illusion. However, some people contradict that it is a thing less evident.

As a matter of fact, being and living in the simulation mean also that we are living inside a Matrix. The fact that we are 2000 generation incites us to put these questions: are we real or a simulation? Is our world entirely covered into numerical universe? In fact, Matrix means simulation.

In order that we can know well if we are really living into Matrix real life, let us to see how numerical imitate our behavior and our habitual task. Let us to see also the future of Matrix or Simulation, and finally we will understand if we are a Matrix or real.


Definition and function: Matrix, as his name indicates it, is not far from an Artificial Intelligence imitating human’s behavior. Matrix real life means that the skills of the computer in our world actually are admirable. Matrix can be us. As a matter of principle, many scientists suppose that we are a simulation or Matrix. Besides, it can create the very subtle thing and can accomplish the task very difficult. In order to understand it well, let us to see if we are really living in the computer simulation.


Researchers’ ideas about computer simulation: As anticipated above, we are unfolded in the digital universe. A long time ago, many science-fictions reveal much concept like “Our world might not be what it seems” or “we might all be living in the Matrix”. These one are the very famous of science fiction’s concept. One study about this subject is led by the philosopher named Nick Bostrom. He has gathered many philosophers and physicists in the aim of spreading that notion across the world. It is Nick Bostrom who began to do it by publishing his paper intitules “Are You Living in a Computer Simulation?”


Once again, Bostrom explained that the computing power has risen more and more. This considerable development will allows us one day being able to create a digital simulation of our universe.

As a matter of fact, two things are sure. The one is about the fact that we will live in the real universe in order to get skills and to be able to build a simulation of its historical self. The other will indicate that we will be one of the things that can be a multitude of computer simulation. As we know it well, most of 2000 generation is trying to get much skill and engineering about computer in the aim of manipulating this world into which we are.

This valuation of future would mean that our actually existing is in contradiction of all kind of the existential odds. It is not evident. Thus, we have to know what we can do to test this hypothesis.


We are not real: One physics professor named Martin Savage led a study explaining this obvious simulation into which we are and an unreal we are. Indeed, they are looking for the point and the veritable explanation that can prove that we are not real. Of course, as for him, we are numerical representations of living things. His aim is to search the very limited simulations of the smallest building blocks of our universe that computers are able to create.

In one statement Savage said: “If you make the simulations big enough, something like our universe should emerge,” “Then it would be a matter of looking for a ‘signature’ in our universe that has an analog in the current small-scale simulations.”


Consider that we know a bit thing about simulating the universe. The raison is that we began to follow it ourselves. Indeed, we might able to simulate electromagnetism. That is known as the “strong force” thing allowing us to be able to bind it with subatomic particles like quarks together.

So far, thanks to computing power, we will even try to simulate molecules and atom. Yes, we are trying to simulate entire universe and organisms.

Let’s suppose that in the future, we will try to start much computing resources. Thus, we will need to create a comprehensive universe somewhere. Unfortunately, with finite computing resources, it might be that the simulation will be not done correctly, whether the simulation of this which called “continuum space time” and an infinite volume. In a way, there are things required by infinite resources from our universe, thing helping us to have good simulation.

With a very subtly simulation, technology and a difficult algorithm will be useful for us. Indeed, that helps us to simulate much element of them that require a best simulation.


Are not we real? Are we a simulation? Or at least are we living in the computer simulation.

As a matter of fact, it is searchers who consider that we are not real. For them, we are a simulation. Much physics suppose that simulation could show up in our word like a very limitation in in ultra-high-energy cosmic rays.

In fact, these cosmic rays, mentioned above, are rare. Beyond, collecting enough data to start a very successful simulation takes much time. We can say that we are not really a simulation. We are real. Nevertheless, two things are sure: 1) we are living in the Computer Simulation. 2) Seeing that technology is developed exponentially, simulation of person directly will be possible on day.

As we know it, our world turns out to be led by science fiction but science fact. Nevertheless, we always should keep on mind that Matrix is not those who we are. “The Truman Show” is done to disrupt our mind and our life. We are real.

To summarize, we can always manipulate our universe. We are not manipulated by Computer Simulation. In a way we are real. We are not digital slaves.