Life hacks

How to succeed business by your own site ?

People are easily get rid of their daily life and search « entertainment » to waste their time. « Waste » by the meaning of spending time by discovering something new according to technology flows. They want something easy, fast and cost-effective in a short time. There comes the term Life hacker, a person who uses his imagination to make his life better. Some of them use internet to make business sometimes by using social media and sometimes by creating blogs or website to introduce their own business. Then, how we can spread business in a website apart from having social media account ? What are the main tricks to be successful ?

Here are some tips and genius hacks to increase business through one’s website


First of all, you have to know who is your target. This part is the essential as it determines who will be futur users. It aims to know the type of person, his attitude, even his habit and way of life.Social Media remains the one among all online ways to find those futur users. In these platform, you can be sure that you have every kind of people because you find there many profils. You will define thereafter the behaviour of one person for example through comments or reactions on Facebook. On Pinterest, you may know the way of life (habits, likes and dislikes) of a person through the photos posted. In addition to these two ones, Linkedin can help to know fonction or the sort of business a person may have. Thus, the key is to have account of these social media in order to analyse the best target.

Knowing THE TARGET will help to define in advance the kind of topics to be included in the website.



People is more attracted by actuality especially when it comes to something not interesting that we call « buzz ». Buzz generates many viewers and views can be an asset to your SEO reference. Indeed, finding this kind of information is not easy at all but you can investigate deeper if you want to captivate people’s attention. Be aware that every information found does not always mean « truth », in that case you must analyse each one before adding them in your website. You can begin by a comparison if you do not know yet how to proceed.

PS : Avoid talking about politics since it increases more dislikes than likes for your site


Apart from « Buzz », nowadays, people search for useful information online. Do not forget the aim : « want something easy, fast and cost-effective in a short time ».  They expect to find what they want online (means everything they want). The best way to introduce these ones are tips and tricks as well as advices. You should highlighted them in your site because they are more interesting. People is curious to know something new or to have confirmation of what they have already known online. It permits themselves to go out of everyday life and brings something new to their futur life. The best way is to find first what is the most question one person may ask everyday about life, health, technology,success,….

For a better site, it should not be focused in one topic.


This last part is very important as we are now in 21 century and most of people use their eyes more than their will to have answer to their questions. People become more lazy and want something short and easy to understand. They get more bored when they see the length of your blog text if it is so long. Thus, it is more recommended to have a short text within all needed information.

Your text should have one topic. The body should not contains more than 3 parts within 2 sub-sessions for each parts. In that case, truly the person can find in your text what they search for. When you are about to write, get what you want to say or everything in one shot., avoid using long phrases, make it shorter and meaningful.

Notice that if they choose to go online, they do not want to read book since this last has many pages.



The image is mostly the tools that every hacker use to attract their target. You should use one or two images in one page. If there are many, your website does not give good impression. It is too heavy to look at. It may induce to no one to read your topic or even to visit your site.

To choose the image, refer to the text and the « about » of your site.


It clutters image, contents, links. The reason why it ranks at the end of the point to deal with is that this part has been considered as the easiest steps among these one above. Once you have all you want to add in your site, it is easy for you to choose the best design of your website.

Design may the last but not the least important if we talk about business in a website. It plays the main role in terms of attracting people’s attention.

To succeed your design, do not use colorful theme when you are about to create the design. Instead, use one theme which reflects your topics and your activity. For example, if your site is about women’s beauty, use the color pink or red.

Now, you have the essential points to make your own business via your site, so good luck for the next Life hacker!