We normally think that when we use private browsing, all our web history are not kept in the browser. We usually use this kind of browser to hide something we search or look online from anyone who uses your computer afterwards.

Private browsing is « Private » right, but it does not mean that there is no tracking or that all your data information disappear whenever you enable the private mode. It just means that all your web history are not seen in the browser but it is kept somewhere, namely in your internet provider as well as the websites you are visiting. We will see how it works either for normal browsers or for private ones.


When you surf on internet using a normal browser (like Safari, Firefox etc.), your web browser stores all your history. It keeps all data information about what you have visited. There are many kinds of data that can be stored by your normal browser : web browsing, personal social medias, page which you have been visiting, information you downloaded, password you have changed and pages you looked for.

The normal browser allows you easily to find some information by just typing one word (key word) in your address bar to see the related page you search for if you have already visited that page. You browser is automatically gives you option of some pages which has the key word in it. It will help you for your research and is beneficial for you too. Beneficial in terms of time as you do not waste your time to find other page because the research relates to the one you have already been passing through. We call it by caches.

Be ready to receive a lot of ads and that everybody who uses your computer (people at work or home) can see what you have done before them. They can look at what you have been working on or looked for. If there are about to snoop you, they hit. So if yo have something to hide, be sure to configure your settings properly.

You have the option to delete all web history when using normal browser if you do not want to see many cashes in your address bar. It is the advantage when using normal browser. You have just to go to settings and delete cashes and cookies.


Contrarily, when you choose to run within private browser, your web browser does not store any of your cookies, pages you visited or data information. As is it private, you are supposed to be in an incognito or stealth mode. Whatever browser you use, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer does have this private mode to enable its users to surf secretly.

There is no option on the address bar if you want to go back on what you have looked before. You have to type it again or to make other research related to what you need.

It is such you are telling your browser not to record all data information whatever it was. Thus, when you make research for a gift for your mother’s birthday and she used to use the same computer. You are sure that she will not find it since you have used private browser. You can be sure that it will be a surprise as you already expect it when it is the time to show it.

One important point, it deserves to know that launching with private browser does not mean that it is really private. There is a possibility to track through all your information by your Internel Protocol named as IP. It is an indicator and locator which tells internet who you are or where are you from. It permits internet to even know the computer network you are using to connect. It plays a big role to identify you online.

Another case also is your Google account. When you launch private browser to use your Google account, it will store your history and will keep all cookies so that the private mode automatically ends up. This occurs only when you install SSL certificate on your computer.


Experts made research to ensure that we are really in private mode when we choose to surf on private browser. The research gives it fruits and they found some tools which enable people to switch to incognito mode when they want to without any restriction or doubt about IP address. DuckDuck Go lets you search on the internet without any previous option from what you have search before since it is a private search that does not store any of your personal information. Thus, it will not send them to the websites you visited. I2P is a free, open source and worldwide privacy network for secure communication Itt allows users to hide content of their previous communication and to hide also all the metadata provided by the content Itt is different from proxy as you are the one who only see your data information as well as knowing the computer you sent it intentionally to. TOR also is another way to save you on private mode. It is known as The Onion Router, a network that permits everybody to navigate anonymously. The router allows your traffic passing through several computers by connecting you after choosing what you want to search for.There are no threats when you use TOR therefore your data information is not tied to your IP address. Private tunnel : the tool which is beneficial if you are about to surf on stealth mode. It hides your IP address by everyone and there is no output you will be track by using it.

So, if you find an awesome dress online store but you do not remember which store it was, your browser will do its magic and you will find it later. Though, it depends on you if you want to store the information you want to or not. You are the only responsible of what you will do with your browser or of what you want to hide and what you want to show.

Whatever browser you choose, do not forget that your IP address can be tracked unless you use the tips underneath.