How to replace Google

That title seems to be strange and controversial to our standard. It is evident that, Google is one of the most used search engine and application around the world. A service that many people use practically every day of their life. Founded in 1998, they has continued to increase their capacity in different fields. All internet users know what Google is, anyone can’t deny that he doesn’t know what this service is. This subsidiary of Alphabet has become the most influential information agent and service that has never existed in the history of the humanity. Google knows everything about you (us). Your photos, with Picasa, acquaintances with Gmail, Google+ and Reader; Your bank information through Google play; your interests especially with Google search; your mobile data and information related to your home or place where you live with Google map and Street view; the data of your website with Google analytics. However, that appears sometimes to be quite embarrassing, when they reuse or resell your personal data, may use them in wrong way without permission, when they enter much more in your privacy or if one day a service is closed and any alternatives are available. So this is the issue: How can we replace Google? That is vague, in that it means there are many applications to replace. It’s not really the case because there are some interesting alternatives you can use.


Why this question may appear in your mind? Is it not dangerous to think about it when you know that this is a multinational? I want to tell you that it is legitimate. It is your right to choose the best service than can fit to you. Thus, this is not a script in order to make you disdainful toward Google but it will be useful for you when you want more options or more innovational services to simplify and secure your internet usage.

First, in the ground of research; if you want to avoid some cookies, to be watched or to be freer, DuckDuckGo is one of that you can try to discover. You can navigate freely and increase the protection of your confidentiality. But the information are sometimes not really relevant. For more privacy, innovation, update and a good sort Quant is appropriate. They have a reliable policy about personal data protection even if sometimes they give many attention to social networks. If you don’t want to be tracked, Ixquick and Startpage are suitable for you. There are also Yahoo the most relevant engine in competition with Google. After that, when we enter in the topic of mailing, the users can choose many frame such as Yahoo, Mailoo, Hotmail, or Zoho. Concerning Yahoo, he is the challenger of Google, especially in France. The service has got Messenger and Yahoo mail. Hotmail, recently named Outlook by Microsoft, offer a variety of services like protection against virus, spam and phishing. In addition, we can see Zoho in USA suitable for those who want some specific service, or for more Openmailbox and Own Mailbox.

If you are lost, you can choose Openstreetmap, MapQuest, Here, or Maps Yahoo. You can find your way easily, run around the word correctly and secure your position. These alternatives can be used in order not to be tracked continuously. You can swap between them and acting calmly without problem of harassment. And when you want to listen to music or watch video, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Cogimix and Ubster are available on the web. We don’t want to accept if we don’t talk about Chrome which has got two challengers such as Explorer and Mozilla.

At the end, there are the problem of files and storage. When Google propose Google Docs other firm suggest Framalab. This is an application that allowed freely to use their office services with a storage in Framacloud. In the side, we observe Zoho docs which is compatible with all Microsoft office and other Cloud storage. Libreoffice which is most powerful than Google, offer a complete office system but no cloud storage. At last we can appreciate the giant Microsoft that offer all office packs with cloud storage.

With the latest update, you can use Qwant for the best search. It’s not a Google app!

Qwant allows you to replace all the search engines, like Bing, Chrome, DuckDuckGo,etc. You won’t have default apps installed without your autorization as Firefox or Google.


Nowadays, many devices and mobiles are able to use Wi-Fi and other internet connection. The Google firm is never late about innovation. That means that they are in continuous evolution by the needs of their customers. And there, it seems very hard to get rid of it. But these are some advices. For example if you want to use Google Android you can choose Cyanogen. Other alternatives like, F-Droid, Apple store, Real APK Leecher, App-Shop and Amazon do exist. They are interesting and very useful especially to avoid promotion or other bothering cookies. Moreover, K9Mail can replace Gmail, VLC can replace Google video, Apollo for Google Music, DuckDuckGo for research and Osmand for Google Maps.

These are not in order to puzzle you but, we want just to open your mind and allow you to explore other horizon. Try to take some information from friends or someone who knows about internet. Ask around you and try to taste other services that our web offer over the internet. Don’t let yourself attract by the trend, but let your insight get larger view. It is always a great experience when you can explore all the potential of internet and all its options. So, don’t wait anymore, you got the choice. Staying in Google and restrain your application features or taste other system in order to get much more schemes, configurations and accurate privacy protection systems. Sometimes it is good to taste other things in order to assess the quality of a thing. Furthermore, you can take a break with Google and alleviate your dependency to the firm. It is sure that it is not evident, but after all that has been told, I can tell you this experience is worthwhile.

Now you know it is possible but there are still more alternatives, then I invite to explore them.