How to reduce screen time ?

In the last 20 years, technology has infiltrated almost in every aspect of our lives. From children to old person, screen is more useful and becomes a part of our everyday lives. People are not conscious when looking at screen. They do not know that they are like going straight to a shadow that is difficult to exit.

Since you are already in the crowd of excessive screen, know that there are solutions to go out and live life as it should be. However, the key is to do it voluntarily within the more motivation you have. You can begin little by little the exercises below. Or you can play board games and get rid of social media.


Control their screen time. Help them build a great relation ship with you, their parents, without being always watching video or television.

Make rules. If you take time to make them, your child will read and accept the rules. They will help you, the parent, and also the child to spend less time on their devices : mobile phone, tab, computer, laptop… Plan active time outside the house and encourage your kid to find activities that are not online. You’ll see quickly a new parents children relation ship began.Don’t let them all day in front of the computer at a young age

Parents, your kid needs to go to school and be attentive. For the things to turn good, they urgently need to reduce screen time. If you don’t do anything, you will soon start to see the negative effects and they are worse than watching television.

Ask your pediatrician how many time your children can spend in front of a screen, following his age.Encourage them to spend more time with a book, at least one hour per day.



First of all, it is helpful for you to know who you are. It is such a self-evaluation of the « wonderful » person you are or not !

Make a list of your strengths and your weaknesses to get started. In that way, compare the two lists. It allows you to know the real person you are. Do not forget that if the weaknesses are numerous, it does not mean that you are an awful person. It shows you that you are just to begin to be a good person. When you do the comparison, take into account and give more importance to your weaknesses because they will be your duty afterwards. They will shape you to build your way to discover the good person in you and after all you are already one!

The aim is to get what you have to improve and what is already accomplished. Once you find yourself, you can define after then what is important in your life. What should go first in your life and what is essential.


Here again, make a list of your tasks that the use of laptop, phone, computers is necessary. It may take time to find all the activities but include details when you create the list. You can dispatch after which should go together.

Supposed you finish to established the list, next you should give one by one the reason why screen is necessary for the task. For example, you may ask question : why I go to Cambridge dictionary online to find English word definition? Maybe the answer is that I want to get more information about this word apart from seeking for its meaning.

Then, analyse all the reasons you find for each task and tell yourself « If I do not use screen, what can I do instead ». You use your brain at that time which is pretty good for yourself. You are already in your way to be resourceful. The results will be as much as you imagine but it will help you more to find exactly your needs towards screen. By your own answer, you will find that which task you should use screen and which one you can manage to do ahead.


Some people allow their works to be on the first place in their life. They do not decide what they really want in life because technology has taken the head of their own life. Facebook is a concrete example of this. People express themselves by posting such a sad, happy, anger, etc…post. Their life is on Facebook and you can identify easily the type of person of who he/she is by these posts. It is the comments from Facebook users that they consider and apply in their own life. Sure, it may be helpful but it limits communication between the person and his/her surrounded. So, people should be the decision-maker of their own life.


To be the decision-maker of your life you have to set up rules to get thing done. At least you must do these things :

  • – No use of phone at night
  • – Read book instead of running on internet
  • – Have passtime: sport, dance, board game

These three points are the important to avoid using screen as they are the most efficient rules that one person should normally do in the real life. No use of phone at night because you must take a rest at night not working.

Read book instead of running on internet as book is first paper version and it does not affect your eyes. Then, when you read book, it is sure you do not have temptation to click on any link like on internet.

Have passtime since normal person should entertain some times to escape everyday life and to discover something more important out of screen. Video game is a passtime if it crosses in your mind but avoid playing it if you want to reduce screen time.


The last but not the least is time. As we talk about screen time, the word time should have also its place here. In fact, it is all about time when it comes to release from something. Time becomes the big matter in that case as well as the important one.

You have to start by splitting hours for all the tasks you have to do according to the list that we talk above. Take one by one the task within the allocated hour so that you can see how many hours you should be on screen. It permits also your eyes to rest a little bit or more than it should be.

Managing time here does not mean reducing time-work, it is just to determine the rate of hour that it necessary for you to use screen. Know that one person should take 5-10 min out of the screen sometimes when they work. For instance, the use of screen for children is no more than two hours per day (source : American Academy of Paediatricss (APP)

You must follow your own rules and persuade yourself if you want to limit your screen time. The change begin in you and your will to improve something. Do not let something else decide for you, be your own decision-maker consciously and above all be yourself.

Hope these tips can help you to reduce your screen time. Hope you will use them in your life as well as advising people around you to.