How to protect kids on the internet ?

Y generation is getting faster than we can imagine. They are more curious, smarter and their mind have already reached a high level. Furthermore, the use of computer becomes very essential for everyone. Children is among those people said before when we talk about computer matter. They are so innocent and use internet as an entertainment without being aware of danger it may cause.

This risk can be eradicated to keep children safe by the help of the people around them namely their parents. These are tips for parents to protect their children on internet :



Technology is the best tools to learn, to make virtual friends, the best source of knowledge. On the other hand, there is something which is contradictory : people who is in two different places get closer but people in the same place begins to be far-off. That often prompts a huge discrepancy between parents and their child.


Parents should know how to get in their children shoes to bound good communication. Parent as you are, should you talk to your children not only online but offline as well. Do not limited communication between you and your kids, always allocate time to express yourself. Sure, it is difficult to find time while you are working, but know that when you talk to your children and spend time with them, you are getting to know each other. This kind of communication is needed in a family to get confidence.

Do not limit topics when you are with your children. Allow them to express their self and above all listen to them.


Once you have your children attention, you can be the Santa Claus who rides reindeer. You can begin by asking them to be your friends on their Facebook profile for example. You may see their friends there and you can give them piece of advice of how to choose friends and to avoid strangers request. Always support your idea when you set up rules.

Another way to get reliance on them also is to start talking about online safety at an early age to avoid danger as said above. It is better to warn your children about online safety when they start to use internet because they should know what are the danger caused by internet if they use it wrongly. An example of this is while they go to theirfavouritee site and to create an account, you can help them to choose the appropriate password since it is a personal data and mus be protected.

According to Neil Thacker, information security and strategy officer at cybersecurity company Websense, the best way to approach your child is to show them how internet works by teaching them how to use it first ; then you can show them little by little all the circonstances that may be faced. Thus if you show more interest towards your children, it is easier for you to teach them and to gain their trust in you. Both sides obtain advantage on working together.

These steps are essential to parents to keep their children safe on internet. Apart from them, parents must take some measuress in order to ensure behind that their children is really safe.


Even if your children has already known how to use internet, do not forget to back them up systematically. Play the little « spy » at home without telling them because it may give rise to tension between you and them.


Some parents do not dare to see what their children do on internet, what are their activities because they feel uncomfortable while acting like this. Know that it is caring your children to prevent bad surprises.

You can begin with little things, like setting limits time for your children to spend on internet. When you set it up, you must keep in mind that there are time flying while they are not online. So, you have to find activities instead. An example is the Family Media Plan, an activity for family to watch TV or film, why not cartoons, together sitting on the couch of the living room.

Then, you can install apps on their tablet, phone or computer in order to monitor risky site. It permitsavoidingd danger when you are not with them while they use internet. Again in that point, you can add anti-virus on your computer as well as theirs. As children are vulnerable, they may download malicious software which may affect devices. So, to protect data or materials, use AV.


It is your manner to approach your children to new thing that gives good results. You must show them step by step how to use internet properly to be safety.

Help them develop good standards for online behaviours. It means show them what they should do if there is a link on the page of one site. Teach them not to click on the link whereverr they are : in a mail, on anyone’s site or page. Tell them that they are like spam and must be deleted immediately. Give them more explanation as you can so that they understand more.

If your children is young enough, warn them about social media risk. Not only Facebook but all of them as they posted photos there. Teach them not to use inappropriatee photos which may cause problem to themselves. Try to persuade them that it is first not fair to post such photos and also explain clearly the risk that it may cause.

Finally, do not allow your children to use internet without an adult next to them. Sure, they are children and may give good impression but do not forget that children can do something that you ever know. Monitoring all their devices is a mean but if you can, accompaign your children every time they are to run internet.