How to Get Google Reviews for Your Business?


Are you struggling with the online market of your business? Want to improve your online Google my business listing to be in searches. Here we have pulled out a practical and genuine tip to grow your business profile with Google reviews.

Google reviews, be it bad or good, is essential in customer’s decision-making. While buying any product or service, most of the customers look for the business reviews of the customers who have already taken the service. They look for more genuine customer reviews, be it bad or good. 90% of the potential customers read reviews before getting on the final factor of the decision.

As per the Google algorithm, the more and better your reviews are, the higher your search ranking will be, leading to more leads and sales revenue.  

So, let’s talk about why google reviews are essential for Google my business listing and the best ways to get google reviews for your business.

Google reviews significant factors of online business.

Online reviews matter a lot to customers, as proof of service provided. It provides your Google my business card credibility and boosts business growth. Other than credibility, Google reviews also help in local SEO for Google maps ranking in searches, improving the business’s brand value, and assisting in operations. Moreover, it is an essential factor of online growth as it has a substantial impact on customers and communicates value, authority, expertise, and trust for the organization. So, getting more Google reviews is essential, but you also need to learn how to get Google reviews. 

Top Ways to Gain More quality Google Reviews

Before we head into how to get Google reviews? An essential factor of targeting studies on Google my business listing is the oldness; most people don’t trust reviews of the last two weeks. They should be aged for more than three months. And ratting also matter, make you have all positive reviews and negative reviews. Here are some of the top ways you can use to create Google review sites on your listing. Ask your customers directly to leave their reviews.  

The simple and easiest way to have reviews on your Google is just by simply asking the customers. Requesting review is a part of interacting with the clients and knowing what they feel and their experience. So, where you have an online business or an offline one interacting with customers and understanding their requirements and problems they face is important. How to ask for a Google review from your customers is also essential. To ask them, you can use some of the following ways to help you interact, and the customer will feel the person’s support and care of the business towards them.

  • Email them requesting to review the services availed.  
  • Share a custom review link.
  • Directly asking them while giving them benefits.
  • Ask for review through E-receipts.

You can go for these ways to ask your customer and get a genuine and authentic review whether it is good or bad.

Send A Personal Follow-Up To Customers Email for Google Reviews

You can also send a personal invitation to the customers, might be old happy customers you served in your database. Send them emails and take follow-up. Write unique content in the email asking about how they are and thank them for availing your services, and request them to suggest feedback and suggestion what they feel, as that is an integral part of your business profile to grow. Also, share a direct link to your Google review page in the mail; request them to review the service and their experience on Google. Appreciate them choosing you and their valuable feedback and suggestions. This way, you can create a helpful and good quality review on Google.  

Add easy Calls-to-Action, Google review link, and review Popup on Your Website.

Suppose you have an online business or have a website for it. Post and share link for customers so that they can easily redirect and review them. You can place it creatively in a popup box or the header or footer of the website to be easily visible and accessible. Moreover, create different creative popup targeting for reviews like a popup reminder for feedback and suggestions. Moreover, make a CTA- call to action on your website or social media. It is a method to request customer feedback and encouraging customers to leave a review about the business. These ways of gathering thoughts can be successful and lead to more quality and genuine reviews from customers.

Ask Your Internal Members For Reviews

External customers are not the only source of business reviews. Your internal customers, business partners, employers, vendors, and persons into the organization are the essential people to target first. They can create a strong brand base over the internet. Ask your staff to review and share their suggestion of what they like and what they don’t like about the business and star rating on Google my business listing.

Moreover, the clients reading the reviews and comments of your employers and partners will trust you more. It is one of the best ways to endorse your business and develop your overall business image and brand.  

Review Generation Tool

One of the latest and different ways of creating reviews is by third-party generation tools. To learn how to get more Google reviews using a review generation tool, download the application and follow the instructions. Many platforms are available on Google search like, Podium, nearby now, excellent job, broadly, servgrow,, Trustpilot, and many more. These tools are easy to use with not much effort. You can install any of the tools and get reviews designed efficiently. These tools are freely available and help you make an online reputation. 

Moreover, studies generated can be judged as fake by customers as everyone knows about it. These tools only suggest increasing the number of reviews, but the quality will come from genuine reviews by customers themselves.  


The gained importance of Google reviews has guided customers in their decision-making activity. Before trust, most people check the review of strangers in any business, be it good or bad to trust. Moreover, getting quality and genuine Google reviews might seem complicated, but with this guide and the best ways to get Google reviews and get on top searches.