How does Gmail compare to Thexyz


Everyone knows Gmail is synonymous with email and many people use Gmail for their personal email. Gmail however is not for everyone, especially those who are concerned about privacy – a basic human right. 

Even after Google admitted it had stopped scanning the emails of Gmail users, it was later discovered that the process of scanning emails was alive and well even after Google supposedly stopped the practice. This is because Google is not an email company, nor a search company. It’s an advertising company and they’re always thinking up new interfaces to serve users with more relevant ads. Even if ads are no longer shown to a user in the Gmail interface, the mining is still full throttle. 

Then comes the third-party access to Gmail data. This includes numerous law enforcement agencies and even private developers. These are not Google developers, but third party developers not affiliated with Google, they have simply built an application that may have gained access. 

Free vs Paid email

Let’s look at how Gmail compares to Thexyz Private Email. The first difference to overcome when comparing Thexyz to Gmail is the simple fact that Gmail is free and Thexyz is a paid product. You may ask yourself, ‘why would I pay for email when I can get it for free?’ There are several benefits that are listed below, however, the main reason is, when you pay for a product, you are not the product, whereas, with Gmail, you are the product. Although you do not see it, feel it, or even notice it. The truth is there is a multi-billion dollar business built around the data scanned from your Gmail account, this is used to build a profile on you and sell more targeted and relevant advertisements to the highest bidder. Your email data is your data and should be private. Many people keep sensitive information in their mailbox that they would not wish to have scanned for the purpose of serving more relevant ads. 

Do you let your postal worker open your letters to serve you more targeted junk mail? 

No. This idea seems preposterous although by using free and ad-supported email services, this is essentially what you are doing. 

How is Thexyz different to Gmail?


One of the first things you will notice when you start using Thexyz private email is that is it fast for sending and receiving email. Gmail is heavily used by over 1.8 billion people. Thexyz can only boost 40,000 active email users. This ensures that email flows in and out of the inbox in less time than a free Gmail account. 


While Gmail has a pretty good reputation, it is increasingly used by spammers, scammers, and fraudsters who are attracted to the free platform. There is no payment information needed to create a Gmail account, it can be done in a few minutes. 

It adds value to a business

How many businesses do you see that use a free address? I see quite a few and it often puts me off doing business with them. This is because they look too cheap to spend a few bucks on custom domain email, don’t value their personal privacy or privacy of their customers, and will likely take shortcuts and other cost-cutting measures.

Email Aliases 

If you have a private email account with Thexyz, you will want to keep it private. By making use of free and unlimited aliases you can do this. Thexyz also offers auto-aliases, these work right away and no setup is required. 

No ads, no trackers

There are no ads, no trackers, and no need for third-party systems to scan your email content to offer more relevant ads. Thexyz has a completely different business model to Google and remains an independent company and alternative to big tech.