Google Home safety

Google Home Safety is a device developed by Google in 2016. This is a virtual assistant which can react to human action. It works with your Google account and use Google voice. This kind of device is a part of artificial intelligence made to help people in everyday life. With this device all task like playing TV, music, setting alarm system and air conditioning are easy to do without a lot of efforts. Many gadgets and smart devices may be used in connection with it. Philips and Huawei are among these club. Google home is the Google for family day today life. This is a respond of Google to the Alexa of Amazon. The competition is lunched when Google has begun their Home system. But the deal is about its safety.


Through their politics of Google Home safety and privacy protect, they anticipated many kinds of problem or annoyance that can bother all users. Google assistant take care about things like users and still prove that their smart speaker is relevant and worthy to use. It is evident that the development of Home has been a real advance in artificial intelligent technology. This improve the automation of tasks. But Google Home is not just a device for accomplishing tasks, it is a vocal search engine. That involves recordings users’ voice, order and commands. Your voice and your speech will be recording by Home and stored in big data. Home became thus an intelligent device and can interact with you as long as you talk to him. However, there is the problem of privacy. Many threats menace the security of Home’s users. Potential threats and menaces could have access to all personal information like phone number and disclose it to public. Moreover if it is connected to internet, spam, malware or other attacks could touch you device system. That might be a factor of identity violation. But Google has set strategy to reduce those risks. The first strategy is to turn off your device if you are not using it. That is easy and really efficient. After that, you can disable the results records and the personal information data. After that if you don’t want Home to trace your habits you can delete all sequences that home has registered from your daily activity. That is interesting but you can’t take a profit of all potential of the device. As a big and large company they have thought to everything.


In the field of security the protection of your identity is crucial because knowing your activities and your life system, hackers may take and use your identity in wrong. That may be really uncomfortable that it is important to take care of what you are giving to your device. If you are a business owner, the use of Google home is efficient but if you don’t really control all information system, your enterprise may encounter some problem of interpretation and your business might be menaced. A lot of financial damages can occur due to that. With the outbreak of the hacking through internet it is always good and suitable to have some security system or method to prevent threats.

In addition, the main problem is internet security. This is commonly seen as the protection of all devices interconnected to the internet. That protection has some specific objectives: protection from malware, virus, spam, trackers and web perturbation. Its application is especially information and data. When using Google Home try to find or use reliable connection in order to avoid threats. Try to find secure internet service. When you buy internet access, try to use strong password to increase the security of you network and to protect your identity from thief, and hackers. The high capacity of hackers to introduce in network system conduct to use some reliable connection in order to avoid material, financial damage and loss.


The Google Home is implemented of voice security system. Each user in a same household has got his own Home account so any one can interfere in their use. Only the main user can delete other users account but he doesn’t have access to their account. So if there is voice that is not the user’ voice, Home doesn’t execute any action. This feature is efficient and the voice recognition has made the Home a secure device. We can declare here that the device recognize its owner, its master. That is a great system to avoid robber and other bad person. If your device has been stolen, only your voice can active it. Moreover you can always delete it from Google service.

The system of suppressing all information given is then suitable for personal information and personal experience facts. Your data will stay a secret between you and your Google Home.

Danger is always around to attack. Using the privacy system is crucial to improve your Google Home’s security and reduce the possibility of disclosing data. These given features are not very new but it includes much more elements that arise the quality of the Google services. If we focus on the system of the device, Google Home Safety has got a special place in the utilization of the tool because it prevents many unpleasantness and allows customer to manipulate it easily and properly. When using internet or whatever devices connected to it, you have to be very careful. Sometimes we think that information we disclose over the web are not really important and can’t bring prejudice. But bad things always find way to disturb you. Google then anticipated these dangers by giving all users such guide and policy in order to prevent their devices and especially their confidentiality from potential menaces. That enter in the policy of all enterprises that take care about their quality, security, hygiene and environment. That enters in their politics and in order to take care about their customer they have to respect and ensure their protection and safety. Google is taking the privacy and security of users seriously, but that’s not enough reason to be relaxed.