Facebook was made to exploit people weakness

Facebook is among the runaway social network. All kinds of people use Facebook. That can be kids, teens, young and even adult. We heard in a congress that in this last decade, Facebook users were over 9000 millions people. Unfortunately, users do not even know why Facebook is created and why it is created to exploit their weakness. Thus, finding out all the people weakness is great. On top of that, users should know what are the vulnerability and consequences that provides Facebook and how this one hooks them.


Feeling important: Firstly, studies of psychologist and scientist reveal that human always have a tendency to search the consideration of other. That is way they adore likes and comments. Of course, their main weakness is to get that feeling by means of those one. Once more, psychologists argue that Facebook users may feel requisite especially according to likes.

Challenge attitude: People especially young have that challenge attitude. Facebook users have many purposes such as become star even though it is more and more difficult. As a matter of principle, girls are the first who are hooked by Facebook because female psychology is based on challenge especially about appearance and beauty. Their massive arm is Facebook. Yes, they do this and that in order to post from time to time the best photos that they have. Moreover, they mess up both money and time in the aim of devoting themselves to shooting, thing may take their money away.

Addiction: Facebook users are not able to control their time. That is to say they do not limit the time that they mess up for Facebook. One top of that, even though they have an intention to get over with Facebook, something hinders them. There are several posts that can interest them. It might be that addiction may lead users to another weakness like a mental illness. Just like internet research in its whole.

Feeling important leads Facebook users to a challenge attitude whereas this last one conducts them to addiction.

As a matter of fact, if users are not still addicted, Facebook is not still able to exploit their weakness.


Human psychology transformed by Facebook:

1) Aggressiveness: In the last decade, most of Facebook users become more and more aggressive. People weaknesses mentioned above are exploited by Facebook in the aim of disrupting one’s life. That is way some people devote to suicide. Facebook user’s attitude also has changed. Being addicted to Facebook is worse than looking movie. 50% of phenomenon of aggressiveness executed by young and teens not because of movie but rather because of Facebook. If so, compared with other social media, Facebook is able to exploit their weakness easily.

2) Robbery: a) young: Some of them become thief or even a pickpocket because of several things such as shooting and connection. Beyond, many young have redoubtable ideas like robing in a big shop. b) Kids: it might be unbelievable that kids dare to rob, but it is true. For example, they stole parents’ money. This phenomenon is the main kids’ weakness.

3) Hackers: Most of young think that they can hack their friends by means of Facebook. On top of that, creating a Facebook account is not difficult. Thus, they see to it that they can ask for their friends’ money whereas these last one do not even know. Sometimes, young stole the identity of other. For example, they search kid’s users Facebook, and then ask for these one the bank account of their parents. As a result, they stole the card of these one and get the money into as well.


Posts and photos: In the general, Facebook provides funny to its users by means of Publications and photos. These one can be a strange or pleasant photos. There are plenty of group in Facebook that users may join in the aim of holding users’ attention. On top of that, they have to pay the price of their connection. In that cases, Facebook company profitability increases. The main aim of Facebook is to rise its user’s number up. Unfortunately, there are plenty of posts that argue young to drink and smoke.

Actuality and eventual news: Thanks to the option “home”, people might follow actuality whether national or international. Thus, they always can find out the situation of either their country or as for other. Unfortunately, some parents encourage their children to frequent Facebook in the purpose to follow actuality and to find out their school into. Even though it seems that life become facilitated by means of Facebook, there are still plenty of disadvantages above. Yes, most of information posted upon Facebook is not true. Life’s users might be disrupted by that information. Some information favors sexual abuse towards young and teens. Some teens devoted to political life and participate on because of some of information provided by Facebook.

When Facebook users mess almost all their time upon Facebook, it might be that they cannot find out the situation near them. If kids are spending a lot of time to Facebook, their grade in school might be decreased. They would have difficulties to concentrate in school. Beyond, their relationship with family, with society and with their friend may change. There are also plenty of people weaknesses that Facebook and its potentiality exploit. But, those which explained above are the very usual cases.

To sum up, even if most of Facebook users argue that Facebook is made to facilitate life, it is not entirely true because in reality, Facebook is made to exploit people weakness. As indicated in the beginning, these people might be kids, teens, young and even adults.

Thus, it is great to keep on mind that excessive addiction, feeling important and challenge attitude are exploited by Facebook both in the aim of increasing its users’ number and harming digital life. If actually, several people are already hooked by Facebook, in the years 2050, what would be the circumstances and the future of this 2000 generation.