Facebook dopamine

Once the Facebook platform have been created, more and more persons in the world, especially children, adored it. The number of Facebook users has amazingly risen. And in the last decade, it increased continuously day after day. It might be that shortly, it will step up more than ever. Yes, several users derive profit from the potentiality that provides Facebook. Unfortunately, using it became like a dopamine for many persons such as kids, teens and especially young. That means that they do not able to control Facebook; they are rather controlled by Facebook. As a matter of principle, this phenomenon signifies that Facebook users do not have self-control. Searchers relate Facebook addiction to a drug like dopamine. As a matter of fact, being addicted to Facebook may mean that one is living with Facebook dopamine. It is great to know what Facebook dopamine is, as well as all kinds of disadvantages that provide the fact to be addicted to Facebook. Besides, reading the few points below about the reasons that people are addicted to Facebook is very important. Finally, it is imperative to know finally why people are not able to resist that temptation.


Definition: Facebook dopamine is defined by addiction excessive to Facebook. It means also that Facebook became a drug for its users. Facebook dopamine is a social media made in the aim of drawing, attracting and even holding users’ attention.

Phenomenon: Knowing its phenomenon is not difficult. Yes, it is not far from the definition above, which says that Facebook dopamine reveal that its users do not have self-control. Of course, the non-existence of that self-control means literally that Facebook dopamine users are not able to control themselves. In a word, that is the first phenomenon of Facebook dopamine.


The effect of Facebook dopamine on society: As anticipated above, almost all kinds of people use Facebook. However, it is young, teens and even kids who are more active on it. Indeed, their own universe is upon Facebook, with Facebook and though Facebook. That phenomenon prevents them to be not able to live regularly into the society where they are. Why? Because it might be that they did not discover the wisdom that requires life in society. Besides, they might consider people in society like they treat their friend upon Facebook. Moreover, one addicted to Facebook have a difficulties to speak or to undertake a speech in public. Seeing that Facebook dopamine users do not familiarize themselves to work and live with nearly with society, it might be that they become aggressive. Of course, having wisdom and being polite may impossible for them.

The effect of Facebook dopamine on family: As a matter of fact, being addicted to Facebook means messing more and more time up. If they waste their time upon Facebook, they risk being not able to communicate regularly either with their parent or with their brother and sister. Of course, Facebook dopamine prevents good communication and even comes to establish a distance between parents and children at home. It might be that these one do not respect each other because of their lack of communication.

The effect of Facebook dopamine towards its users: Facebook users, if they are so addicted, they may undergo many problems such as lack of sleep, lack of concentration and so on. For teens and kids, they might be not motivated to attend class. In some kind, they became lazy to go to school, and later on, their mark would certainly be reduced. Moreover, they became having a kind of hallucination. That is to say they have an impression that they always seem connecting to Facebook. That has a great impact to their life, precisely to their mind. Facebook dopamine may harm users’ health especially psychological health. This last one will be explained below.


Excessive addiction: Users do not become quickly addicted to Facebook. They begin seeing things and posts that can interest them into. Users do not even know that their attention is entirely held by Facebook dopamine. Searchers already lead a study about the time that users spend to Facebook. Yes, they stay and last a lot of time upon Facebook. One statistic reveals that there are some young who are messing more 12hours up per day upon Facebook. That means that excessive addiction and mental illness come to them.

Mental illness: Once addicted, controlling using it became difficult and even sometimes impossible for some users. That means immediately that mental illness inflict them. As a matter of fact, young use Facebook just in the aim of having feeling important from others by collecting more and more likes and comments. If it is not the cases, they become disappointed. This disappointment leads them to a depression, and certainly they are not able to stand for it. It’s even worse than if they were cocaine or other drugs addict. Facebook dopamine is a real psychology problem. Now people need social validation to feel something.

Depression: This one is among the phenomenon that can inflict Facebook dopamine users. Yes, mental illness leads these one to depression. Why? Because when they do not obtain what they need from Facebook, they are desperate. Non-existence of communication with other can also lead to depression. Searchers say that most of depression inflicting people in the world result from excessive utilization of social media especially Facebook. Unfortunately, phenomenon becomes worse and worse, suicide.

Suicide: There are plenty of Facebook users who devote themselves to suicide because of the serious depression that inflict them. That phenomenon happens in the world not per month, but rather every day. That comes not only to young but also to teens and often to kids. In regard to suicide next to young, especially to girls, that results from love disappointment. That may result from lack of affection for kids whereas for teens, suicide is owing to a lack of communication with other.

These sequences of Facebook addiction or Facebook dopamine phenomenon cited above are really logical. There different between using regularly Facebook and using Facebook dopamine. The phenomenon is this last one when it becomes like drug for them.