Don’t trust your phone

Actually, more of 4 billion of personal devices are in service in the world.

It is almost all people all over the world who use phone. Maybe, you used phone for a long time ago. Since you have been using phone, it might be that you are addicted to it. Most of people trust entirely their phone. And you, it is intended to be very useful for you? Or should you trust entirely your phone? As a matter of fact, there are many reasons that may incite you to do not trust your phone anymore. In a word, don’t trust you phone.

For instance, it is great for you to read the some few points below.



Smartphone targeted by hackers: Smartphone is among the recent invention of personal life technology, and more and more people are using it, especially young. As a recent invention, the data of your Smartphone are gathered into the Data Center. Thus, there is a relation between your Smartphone and Big Data, thing making easy the hackers’ works. As matter of fact, they are not able to hack traditional phone.



Vulnerabilities exploited by Smartphone makers: As explained above, Smartphone is exploited by hackers. One the one hand, they begin to exploit all Smartphone flaw, and are breaking Smartphone security. One the other hand, once this security is broken down; Smartphone industry keeps and fixes those vulnerabilities in the aim of facilitating hackers’ missions.


The reasons releasing customers to do not trust phone: As a matter of principle, Smartphone manufacturers don’t reveal the reasons why Smartphone could contain suspicious things into. That is way no Smartphone has good longevity. It is done to be damaged early. Besides, there are plenty of secret that its makers did not even explain to you.


Virus, suspicious applications and software infecting phone: There are some virus that can infect your phone once in a while. Two are the reasons:

1) you -user- may install an application that can contain virus, thing allowing your phone to be infected by virus, and finally your identity would be known by hackers.

2) Hackers come to hack your both your device and your data access arrangement. It this cases, they use a kind of “security in failing” into their malicious software and then they can read and see your private data such as messages, text and even your photos. In a way, that means that you should not trust your phone.



Signal mobile localization: Upon all modern networks mobile, operators are able to calculate where your phone is. Besides, they can know if your phone is connected regularly, registered and activated to their networks. That system is called “triangulation”. Thus, all our activities are gathered into the data of operator, and cannot be deleted. Unfortunately, hackers are able to act as operator, thing helping them to know what you are talking with your family, your friend and even your colleague. Certainly, they became having entirely your identity. That helps them to facilitate their hacking, and of course, if you communicate your password or passcode to your family by phone, whether by message or by call, hackers know it easily.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth localization with Smartphone: Smartphones have a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support. They have also an interface of mobile network or precisely a radio transmitter. The matter is that, if you walk for example in town, your phone may detect a Wi-Fi signal whereas you don’t where it is from. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is very dangerous for your phone, because as soon as your phones detect that signal, many things would be known by hackers. Moreover, it undermines your health.

MAC addresses: As explicated above, everyone can receive the Wi-Fi signal, and that signal may contain a sequence of numeral called MAC. This one is a code used particularly by manufacturer of the feature. As a matter of fact, MAC can be seen by everyone who receives the Wi-Fi signal. Unfortunately, some people use it in the aim of knowing both your password and your personal information. For instance, you should be aware with.


Two options and their functions:

1) Trust: Trust is an option that can be seen upon your phone. It serves to send your data to other device. It can send also file to other phone. Indeed, you can share the data of your phone to other person by trust option.

2) Don’t trust: your phone contains this option. It can prevent all action in the aim of safeguarding your data. Yes, the particularity of this is option that: it can keep safe not only your data privacy but especially your personal information. Of course, files can never been transferred anywhere.

“Don’t trust” computer from phone: As you know it well, you can connect your phone to your computer. Indeed, if you want to execute an action by your phone and from your computer, you have first to click on “trust” computer or phone.

“Don’t trust” phone from phone: Firstly, you need to check your setting option into your phone, and then click on general. Once it is done, click on reset. This one brings to light another option six option, but you will select one option called reset location & privacy, and you have to click on this last one. Once you have done it, enter password upon the browsers bar. Now, you will reset setting by clicking another option named “reset setting”, thing allowing you to close your phone setting.

Undo “Don’t trust” computer from phone: It might be that you do not click on purpose on the option “Don’t trust”. It might be also that your comes with plenty of features. Thus, you have to “Trust” it again, but unfortunately, it messes more time up. The best that you can do is to undo that function quickly. Firstly, you must disconnect your phone from your computer. Once it is done, click on the option called Edit, and then on preferences as well as on advanced button upon the right-corner. At this last, several options happen again, but this which you have to select is: reset warning button. Type Ok and close iTunes as well.