The number of social Medias’ users has recently risen. Most of those users are kids. There are plenty of children who are joining social networks sites every day. If they are able to use social Medias, there is no danger that can happen to them?

In the past, being addicted to social Medias was rare. Actually, social Medias like Facebook become drug for more and more kids. Is it dangerous for them? The answer is yes! They send everything on socilal medias. Thus, this means that we need to know all kinds of dangers that provide social networks. For instance, let us to see some kinds of those dangers and then the kinds of social Medias into which kids are joining more. At the end, we will see the main solutions to protect kids from those dangers.


As we know it well, kids’ life is threatened because of social networks.

In most of social Media’s account, there are plenty of things that can interest kids to spend their time with.


Life in school: Kids’ life in school is compound with more and more adventures. We are the 2000 generation, and most of this 2000 generation is kids. They are imitating their friends that access social Medias, and are sharing apps without parental controls. From that time, they realize that using social Medias is not bad and is interested. Thus, they are trying to use little by little some of social Media’s account. Seeing that their friends spend a lot of time upon internet, they also would think that having access to search internet seems not difficult. At the rest, they become using social Media’s account. They are posting pictures of them at young ages to become popular.


At home: At home, they admire their family or their fellow that are social networking, thing inciting them to keep on mind that have access to social networks is not for their parents, but also for them, the younger children. From that time, once having one social Medias accounts, they become seeing more interesting things into. These one encourage them to discover a lot of things more than to before, things allowing them to be addicted to their social Medias.


As we know it for a long time, kids are touchy to practice what they are seeing. As indicated above, two kinds of environments are the phenomenon that stimulates them to be addicted to social Medias. Yes, they firstly are seeing their friends, their parents and their neighbors using more social Medias, and then imitate these one. Therefore, we can say that they are psychologically influenced. In some kinds, what they are living and seeing can have impact with their life and of course their psychology.


There are a lot of signs of dangers that can provide social Medias.

We will see two types of dangers. One is those which kids face online as for other will based on those which kids face out of social Medias.


  1. Cyberpredators: Cyberpredators are trying to stalk kids’ pleasures by spreading a game into some of the site intended to child. They begin to get the less information about kids by questioning for example where do they live. Cyberpredators are always abusing children’s trust. From that time, they are trying to exploit children’s innocence. Besides, cyberpredators become getting kids’ passions and kids’ imaginations. By exploiting this last one, cyberpredators understand some information about kids, and then they question these one in order to go far about that. At the end, online redators ask for an encounter to kids, things allowing them to exploit children or teens not only psychologically, but also physically.
  2. >Cyberbuillyings: -Social Media’s exchanges: This one consists of convincing children to communicate their life at home. Yes, cyberbuillyings encourage kids to pour out of their favorite games.
    • -Online games: All games that provide cyberbuillyings seem good. However, their games appeal kids’ passion and put into the mind of this one that it is possible to accomplish an act very difficult. Kids are trying to practice what they do into games like accomplishing an attack violently and even with a gun. In a word, they become aggressive.
  3. Malware: Sometimes, kids are downloading accidentally Malware. Of course, Malware is a kind of computer software. It is installed into kids’ computer without their consent. However, Malware make easy hackers’ attack and allows these one to have easily access to kids’ personal information, and then Malware sneaks into their computer. Once cybercriminals have stolen kids’ personal information, they hijack theses one for use in a “botnet” in the aim of reaching “sluggish performance”. There are plenty of phishing that use cybercriminals, but there is also one way that they hook children. For example, they sneak these one to download game software malevolent.
  4. Posts that damage children’s future life: Real images that kids are spreading into social Medias would have a great impact with their future job and their future boss, even a several years later. Inappropriate “images” or some of their content personal will be store in a data, and their boss may check those one in order to know how children behaved several year earlier. Unfortunately, there is no option “delete post” in the internet even if they are deleting and removing posts from their social Medias account or from some Web sites. Sometimes, some kids post directly their personal information online or their parents’ personal information such a bank account number, mail, and even computer password.
  5. Phishing: This one is more and more used by cybercriminals in the aim of sharing a malicious links or attachments to children. Why? Because these one would think that there is not something wrong with clicking such and such link. This cybercriminals’ strategy consists sometimes on sharing a malicious links into text message, which called “Smishing”.


As we know it, social Medias limit communication with friend and especially family. Even if the child is talking to them via Messenger. That phenomenon prevents children to do not able to control themselves for many circumstances. Moreover, they will not have a good personal integrity because of messing several times up with social Medias. For example, they would not be able to communicate easily with their teacher in school, and sometimes in front of discussing with an old, they don’t master conversation, that is to say they are not able to pouring out their impressions and their feelings. The only thing they think about is “When will I be able to upload my video on instagram?”.