Dangers of being a star on the internet

Internet is a big community where we can find, encounter, post and transfer everything. This is a big virtual town inside the virtual life. This is the biggest information hub in the world. Since its beginning in 1990, a large amount of information had been inserted in the platform. 10 years after, internet became the library and the archive of the world. Since 2000, from the development of marketing and social Medias internet had become the tool of all who wanted to extend their business, to make them famous, to deal with strangers and to get more friends. That’s why many stars and simple person try to make a buzz over the internet in order to be a star known by the world. Auto realization of self-video appears in YouTube, Facebook and twitter in order to catch intention of public. Star or not star if you get connection, laptop or smartphone you can do it. But it may be dangerous if it is too excessive or bothering to others. Thus we are going to discuss about this deep issue: Danger of being a star on the internet.


In the real world, being popular or a star means that a lot of people know you or has ever heard about you on the news, because information, publicity or some main event has engendered your celebrity. At times stars and actors try to promote themselves and do all things possible to attract the attention of public. That is especially nowadays with the work of internet. Moreover, some common people especially adolescents and children undertake something similar to prove that they exist or just to become a star of web.

However, that intention to be known and that broad system of sharing feelings may presents some potential dangers. First, if you are a star or famous, many people know you. That may raise and inspire some jealousy from the public, colleagues, authority or other entities. So some malevolent people would trouble you through many acts of persecution and harassment .The objective is to annoy, to bother and to trouble the victim by repetitive violent acts like insulting, racism, mental and physical attacks. On the internet that can occur on the social Medias. The aggressors may send bothering message, racial intimidation, annoying photo that show violence against the victim and sexual violence. Women are always the principal victim of this last situation.

Moreover, opponents or haters, may send virus or malware to infiltrate navigation system in order to get star or victim personal information to reuse them in wrong way in order to intimidate or trouble him. Some bad hackers can infiltrate computers or mobile system to steel data or confidential images, video or files. Thus, being a star increases that facts because that category of people have as many likers as many haters. So it is wise to stay simple when using internet to avoid some problem that may be spread and impossible to remove from.


Other dangers of to be a star is the problem of fake news about him or other group of stars. Without help of internet it is still possible to tell something and to spread it among the people. Thus thanks to internet, the speed of propagation of information is 1 000 quicker than in simple life.

A common situation is when star haters publish insult on the web toward all means he can find on the net, to reduce the popularity of the person. They act by showing a long accusation, insulting facts and insulting images. Those information may be true or not, but it has already touch the star reputation. This practice is used by the aggressors in order to reduce stars popularity. There is the e-reputation which is easily to obtain and easily to lose because of the speed of information.

In addition to that, there is the problem of fake information or fake news. Many reporters show some pictures, video or publish information about a star but have any evidence to prove it. That situation may affect followers and reduce the quote of popularity of the star. After that, the issue of fake star is also a big problem when a fake account on social network pretend to be a famous person. That has objective to swindle, to steel information and to get something from fans. The expected result is then to trouble and put anxiety in the fame’s life toward many acts of deception.


This last situation is really common and may present divers aspects. There is the virtual life infiltration and real life infiltration, but all of that is the consequence of internet.

For instance, if some fake news are disclosed in the internet, Facebook, email or videos, journalist and paparazzi will be interested in that event. So they will do all efforts to follow and to prove the situation by following the star in everything he does. For example, they may follow the star in all social media like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Moreover they might track the famous person to every place where she goes. A real inquiry of the star’s life will be undertaken without the permission of the celebrity. Investigation about his family, relationship, work, business and acquaintances are done. That might become very embarrassing for a person. This impression of to be always watched and followed is so annoying and troubling for an individual.

This last issue covers in certain manner, the two first issues we discussed previously. That is the case because aggressors and haters can enter in famous star private life to trouble, to intimidate, to annoy or to reduce its popularity. And internet helps considerably to achieve that goal because it is easier to follow the life of personalities due to the system of Google map, Facebook and Instagram instant photos.

The resolution is then to stay simple, don’t try to attract attention from internet in order not to undergo annoying and troubling situation. Even if you are a star be soundless.