Brain damages caused by wireless technology

Today’s technology is commonly based on wireless system. It had begun with television, radio, mobile phones and remote controlled devices. The wireless technology is the transmission of information and energy from a device to another or many other devices. The wireless system is the most used transmission technology nowadays in the field of communication. Many apparatus and smart devices has got wireless system. That consists of the emission of information or power from an entity to another or many other entities in form of wave, invisible and odorless. Wave can’t be felt by the skin (then cancer risk exist), seen by the eye, tasted by the tongue nor heard by ears. However it has got some effects on our health, our body and principally on the brain. In order to be accurate we will expose the real dangers of wireless technology to our brain.


Wireless technology use the wave and radio wave to operate. The wireless system is a technology which consists to control devices or apparatus in a distance without cable or physic connection. It uses a wave system in order to transmit the energy or the information with the help of electrical conductor. That means there is invisible energy that passes from place to place in order to establish interaction and intercommunication between devices and apparatus. And all objects around are in interaction directly and indirectly to the system. For example, when you use remote control some particles and little entity might be affected by the wave because of the transmitted energy.

This technology has got power level, there is the ultra-high frequency used in mobiles, radio station, GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi. After that there is the super high frequency and the extreme high frequency used by satellite, radio and high frequency Wi-Fi. That all system emit electromagnetic wave which is scattered in the space. It has got direction like right, vertically or in a curve but you don’t know how big its space impact is. So if you got a Wi-Fi, at least your house and your neighbor is affected by the electromagnetic energy.


There are many kinds of wireless data communication that are applied to cellphones, computers, tablet, TV, microwave, medical apparatus and radio. All these means and communication tools won’t have any value without the existence of wireless technology. The risks are high for adult and even more for children because of radiation exposure that can have harmful effects and provoke dna damage or tumors.

These devices are present in the environment where we live. All services and operations are in relation with the use of these devices. But they can’t work without electromagnetic wave. When we are listening to radio or watching TV, these devices received the signal from emitter and that generates radiation that can attack slowly your brain. That can arise some stress and depression but not very serious. Moreover if you live near the emitter, the radiation exposition is higher than those who live far from it. That can ultimately have impact to you brain because of its high perception of things. That situation may cause tumor of brains, brain trouble and Alzheimer’s. These are very dangerous diseases. Brain Tumor may cause memory loss, and bad perception. Brain trouble may appear by blocked blood brain and immune protection reduced. Furthermore, Alzheimer’s that may lead to degeneration of brain, deep memory loss and skill loss.

Toda’s generation is connected through internet. That system uses a big amount of electromagnetic energy to spread information and establish communication between all users. All devices that is used for internet connection has got nowadays wireless system. That’s why it is dangerous for all body system. For instance, when you have access to Wi-Fi zone your device react intelligently with the Wi-Fi which receives the wave and generate at the same time energy which is very bad for the nervous system. With GPRS, GPS and Bluetooth the risk of the exposition to radioactivity is higher than ever. All these new systems increases the risk of brain degeneration due to electromagnetic impact. The impact could be learning and concentration loss. Your capacity is reduced and concentration altered due to the continuous exposition to electromagnetic energy.


Mobiles, smart devices, smart computers are in important evolution after 2000. These information supports are among the life of each person in the word. Even if we don’t use them, we are in interaction with people who use them.

Mobile and smartphones use the wireless technology in order to transmit information. In addition they are the most used smart devices in the world, that’s why it represents potential danger for human’s health. They are commonly used near the head and its electromagnetic radiation can affects the brain. While transmitting information, energy accompanying this sequence, and the energy may affect the brain during all transmission. That is not concrete but felt by the brain system even you don’t really feel it physically. Brain can feel it because it contains many sensible captors that can detect and attract such kind of energy. The system of the brain is then deteriorated by radiation spotted. That may have bad results on the function of the brain and all organs related to it. So the danger is extremely serious because it may affect all nerves in connection with the brain.

Eventually trouble may appear after moment like memory trouble, diminution of the brain suppleness, diminution of reflex, depression, eye trouble, dumbness and high excitation. That are all the troubles that may be caused by the use of wireless technology on mobile devices because it is most of the time used near the ear, thus near the brain system. That why the number of stress, depression is arising this last ten years. Life seem to be stressful and the body needs more excitation due to the brain trouble.

Brief the problem due to wireless technology is the combination of memory loss, tiredness, headaches by sleep trouble, slowed learning and reduction of the brain in brain bones size. So be careful because it’s dangerous for health mainly for the brain.