Benefits and risks of using a virtual assistant

Virtual assistant has been the result of a long research which had begun since more than 100 years with the concept of intelligent machine. Virtual assistant is a part of intelligent machine or Artificial intelligent that marked 00’s. Virtual assistant is alike a human assistant but more intelligent, reactive and got much more information. The earlier virtual assistant has been developed by Apple and Amazon with the HomePod of Siri and Alexa. Other countries like China and Japan has developed their own virtual assistant. Many house, building and firm has got virtual assistant to arm their domains. There are many forms of virtual assistant, such as in a mobile application, smart device, robot and computer. But like all things, that may present good side and bad side.


A virtual assistant is a device, software program or application that as its name indicates assist the human in the application of his tasks. The application of virtual assistant is so large. In the common people, virtual assistant can help to do housework. There are some virtual assistant that interact easily with human action. The time of reaction is quick, relevant and efficient. Like Home of Google, it has got a lot of features. First it can interfere in your action: recording your to-do-list, recording your planning and your special habit. With the help of Home you can control other smart device such as mobile phone, TV, and radio player. If you need more options you can take extension from Google service. In addition you can have an entity to remain you what to do, organize your pace and modulate your habit. You can gain much more time if you use such device. With Alexa, you can foresee the weather in real time, check novels and latest event happen around the world.

A virtual assistant is more productive and can make real assistant task. Its potential allow it to assist you on the internet by doing specific task and include all the benefits of a real employee. It will increase your productivity for less cost than a real assistant. It’s a real benefit for your business.

Furthermore, in the government field, virtual assistant has got a large application. Some army devices are armed by virtual assistant. Drones, self-driving cars and self-driving missile has been developed. There is also smart apparatus which can explore difficult zone to attain. In the sector of medicine, the presence of virtual assistant increasing the capacity of doctors to find the best remedy especially for some incurable diseases. The examination by machines can predict eventual manifestation of a specific disease. Virtual assistant has been developed in the domain of eye and heart examination where heart attack can be prevent.


Virtual assistant is a part of machine but not tangible, that it is called virtual. It is a kind of assistant that help human to organize his life. Many smartphone has got the virtual assistant system. But that system present some dangerous risks.

Virtual assistant, first, can register all your activities. That means it could records your habits, your confidential information and your location. In the world of internet it is quite uncomfortable because all our information will be store in a worldwide network. A lot of threats may occur to disclose by accident your information. Moreover your identity might be theft by hackers and pirates. They may use it to a wrong purpose or to dupe someone in your fake account. With the development of online service, it is not prudent to rely on social media account because this may be a theft profile. In addition your private life is broken because you are in permanent situation where you are listen by someone. With the extension to Google Street map and Google map, Google can follow you wherever you go. Someone could detect your position by Google. Many kind of harassment may occur to you and your family.


After analyzing all benefits and all risks that virtual assistant represents, we can predict that the use of virtual assistant is good in first view. Home automation is really useful for people’s life. You can concentrate on many other tasks and develop your intelligence at the same time. You will have an assistant that will be never tired due to energy it can store. A permanent help is available at any time. Thus, having a virtual assistant facilitates life. Many answers could be found by Home, Alexa or mobile virtual assistance. The children and students are the most rewarded because they have the occasion to be assisted by a virtual intelligent device to guide, to teach and to help them in their research, study and life. Enterprises could be managed easily and all tasks are correctly followed by your assistant.

However, some people may be not really interested because of the problem of privacy. Recently the issue of privacy and web safety has always been evoked. So with a virtual assistant which can records all things you, haters would never accept it. It interact with Google map and with home devices. So they can see you and count you’re the amount of devices you got. That is right because someone will be watching you all day long, your habits is recorded and your possessions could be evaluated. After that if you lost your device, the person who find will have access to your whole data and personal information because it is interconnected with many web system and applications. That is the case of some smartphones which has got virtual assistant integrated. Or the case of Alexa, Echo and HomePod that might be hacked due to the advanced of hackers technology.

In sum before buying that sort of apparatus or system, you have to think much and take much information about it. That is important in order to know all things that you can do and all things that you can’t. Moreover it is important for you to understand all features of the device or applications. It is sure that this technology represents many advantages that we can explore, but in some situation using virtual intelligence is dangerous when you lose the control. So it is up to you, try to be careful and pay intention about the consequence of your act.