Since Google and the online search, the impact of social media has been the most consequent change in the life of the humanity. Social media is an internet place where everybody connected to the network system can talk, react, share video, share photos and send documents. After 2000, many blogs and discussion page were born and many bloggers was connected to those services. Web pages was firstly used to promote goods and share enterprise services. But it has extended new place of discussion and exchange. Now commerce, e-marketing and social interaction are mixed. Social networks are the most visited and used page in the web. Every day, more than 2 000 000 people starts to use social networks. This service is so diversified and many applications are invented: job network, social share, business network, freelancer network, food networks and economics network. But after a year many problems appear in relation to social media: fake accounts, fake news, account hacked, identity theft and data tracked. That is why it is good to be prudent and to be smart while using social Medias.


Many social media exists around the world. Each of them has got its specificity. The best way to choose a things is still asking other people’ opinions. You may ask a user’s opinion or an expert of the subject to advice about the advantages and the inconvenient of a determined social network. You can ask friends, acquaintances, or family. They can advise you which one is the best, how to use it t, which one is the most reliable and the most efficient to protect confidentiality. You have to ask intelligent question related to your need to have a good social network experience. Some social networks like Facebook and Twitter has got an option that asks you if you want your personal information show or hidden from your profile. There is the private option “only me” and the public privacy “seen by public”. For some important information such as number or email address it is advisable to hide them. Moreover you can and you have to limit your audience. Many social networks allows you to share things with public or a certain number of people.

Furthermore, a social media is good and reliable when the number of complaint are less than other and complaint resolved are high. Chose a social network which solve users ’problem quickly and take care about users’ posts. There is YouTube which restrict inappropriate video post and Facebook which forbid violence or sexual content. Moreover, social media like Wikipedia and Google scholar is reliable to use if you want to focus on your study. All content is about education, life, study business and community assistance.


Be smart online includes to be intelligent and thoughtful while using or doing something. After chosen the most suitable social media, the fact of using it is another issue. First, when you use the service you are asked to give your personal information. So take care of what information you would like to disclose to the providers. For example when you use web services or while you’re using social medias, avoid to give phone numbers, bank account, and home address. That is useful in the aim of avoiding to be tracked and to be followed. Give the less information you can provide. Less information you give more you are in secure. Avoid giving your interests, school places and place where you are accustomed. That all information could be used by hackers or a third party in a wrong way or in a human test with no permission.

Second, you should be very prudent about the things you post in social Medias. You shouldn’t share your life. You shouldn’t post fake news, fake photos and videos because many of users would take them as a real facts causing trouble in their mind and in their community. Moreover, avoid to bother someone by publishing wrong or bad things about him. Social networks are not a place for battle but a place to develop your social life in a positive way. The speed of the information to go around the word is too fast to stop so it is advisable to take care about posts you share. That reinforce the quotes: “A word is not a bird, once flown you never catch it”. It is totally impossible to suppress it because nowadays it is easy to download files from internet. This disclosed information would never be deleted because people could have a copy of it.


In a country it is the responsible of government to protect its people from eventual threats that menace the public peace. But in the other side it is the accountability of each citizen to avoid such threat. First, in the side of government that use online marketing a lot, they should apply an education system of internet and social media use. Every sector of education from kindergarten to university should have a program that assists students and children in the web, network and internet use. The program must consist of: the best way to choose it, the best manner to use it, the dangers and the benefits of it and how to protect your privacy from it. Social Media’s providers and each government have cooper in order to set a large program of intelligent use of internet and social Medias. The action of public institution should go to the smart and intelligent use of the net. There are many things that we can do such as business, sharing good experience, receipts, work, and advices.

The social Medias has permitted to the world to be interconnected. There is no need to move if you want to talk to abroad family, transactions and deals are easy to do. Business run quicker than before and the relations are reinforced. However there is always a dangers due to some menaces like hackers, malware, spam, tracers, fake news and identity theft. Nevertheless it is the responsibility of each of us to avoid these menaces by undertaking intelligent and smart action while using it.