Artificial intelligence future

When robot change life. The Artificial intelligence has known an incredible advancement this last 20 years. Many forms or artificial intelligence has been developed till 2017. Experts and informatics developers are still in a continuous activity to make a progress in artificial intelligence. In the past the Artificial intelligence was just a dream, but after the evolution of informatics and robotics fields, the concept seems to be a reality that the humanity will have to face up in the future. Its consequence may be good and bad like all things. But till today it is always the humans who control machines not the contrary. The opposite is the big fear of all humanist who want to preserve the human being existence. So the question is: What will be the position of artificial intelligence in the future? In 50 or 100 years and more?


The future involves things, event or situation that will probably happen due to the actual circumstance. That means the future is the result of what we do today. Talking about future is like talking about a dream that will be realized in future place and moment. In the field of AI, today, many applications and activities lay on AI such as home automation, business managing and manufacturing. If we look at their high performance today, it won’t be the same in 10 or 50 years. This innovation will be more efficient and more relevant.

If we talk about home automation, the existence of AI will reduce the quantity of activities humans have to do. AI will accomplish automatically and quickly all housework like cleaning, opening curtains, setting air conditioner or get the pets out. In the other hand, robots could be develop in order to replace our maid or our housewives. The house robot will accomplish some important familial operations such as preparing meals, storing goods in refrigerators, preparing children’s bags, helping them in their study and more helping parents in educations.

In the sector of organizations, the future evolution of Virtual assistant like Alexa and Home in this field is really apparent. Management and business options could be developed. A virtual assistant with captor and activity recognition will correct human error at any time, it will give advices in tasks performing. Errors and risks of frauds will be reduced due to the extreme vigilance of the device. In industries sector, machines will be armed with virtual assistant and higher the accuracy of the productions. In big sector like aeronautics and naval, the realization of bigger engines and vehicles will be possible. We can also imagine a boat or an airplane that would need any pilot to travel and to flight around the world. Scientitst will come up with very sophisticated systems: self-driving cars, trains, Taxis, motorbikes would appear. In the process, some good ideas could help solve climate problems.


If there wasn’t human, would artificial intelligence exist today? The answer is probably, “no”. Effectively AI is human master piece. Which means that they are linked because there is the creator and there is the created entity. By creating such device, the human’s objective is to create a machine that can do the same thing as human do. But it has been enlarged due to many application where AI can be applied. The objective became then to create an entity that can help human in his everyday life, industries in there production scheme, army in their defense method and government in their development strategy. So the future relation between them will surely evolve in this direction. Humans create machines and machines help humans. But the machines will be more intelligent and more reliable than human, so in certain situation, machine will advise even control human in the accomplishment of his activities.

In big sectors of industries, robots will might cooper with human and exchange experience. They would discuss, resolve problem, and act as human act but quickly and accurately. Furthermore, in schools robots will replace teachers and professors. The rapidity and the quantity of the courses will be raised. All school system would be automatized. All humans’ activities will be accelerated by the high system of artificial intelligence and virtual assistant.


That is a very good question. It is sure that the future is still impossible to foresee accurately but which is sure that human and machines will grow together. In 50 years virtual assistant will be a part of everybody life. You won’t need to think much in order to organize life. All services, operations and actions will be automatized. It is possible that all objects could be armed by artificial intelligence in its domain. We will then assist to smart bags, intelligent books, clever TV, brainy instruments, mechanisms, utensils or furniture. All around us will be incorporated by artificial intelligence. There will be new kind of rhythm and music, dance and beat, and amusements and toys. The army will be served with high armament system, and stronger and more intelligent robots soldiers.

The science goal is that artificial intelligence systems and humans will use a knowledge based network to imagine building and programming the artificial intelligence of the future.In 150 years or more there will be perhaps, robots population or humanoid genders. They will might represent an entire population. They will ask for their rights and their dues. This will be era of the robots in that they will be a new population of the earth. They will take part of land, share all human resources, and create their own rules. A relationship could happen between robots and human.

Brief, all scenario is possible due to the advance of this technology. The future of humanity will be now related to artificial intelligence. Many country will undertake action to develop their own artificial intelligent. Scientists, inventors and experts will be enter in a competition to create and to invent the best artificial intelligence. This rivalry is really stressed between the east and the west. In addition it is perceived as the future of human life. All human system will be reformed, accelerated and ameliorated. The only risk is surely system error, virus, malware to corrupt the system in bad intention and energy to supply this new amount of technology.