The AI or artificial intelligence is a concept that suggest the behavior of a machine as a human. This is an intelligence confirmed by machine that works continuously without human intervention. AI is an extraordinary discovery made by the humanity. This is an incredible informatics development made by the hand of a human. The artificial intelligence is the whole technic which objective is to create a machine able to act like a human: think, observe, react, taste, see, help and feel. It can do all the dangerous tasks that the human don’t want to do anymore. The goal is then to offer the humanity a real new advance entity that may help them in all tasks they do. Recently the machine intelligence is becoming so exploited that many of the informatics developers and giants of web are working on finding many applications of AI. The passion of developers and scientists will represent for humanity a big progression. Many advantages can be observed. We will discuss the issue subsequently.


In the field of technology the principal concerns of the public is to know what a specific device or machine could do to improve their everyday life. Each person living in the world, in each country and in each community is seeking for something that may facilitate their life or help them to manage their daily life. The can respond to these needs. The humans took the computer wrong.

First, we don’t want to qualify these as advantages but positives effects. The application of AI in search engine improve the faculty and knowledge of students and many users. There are Google search, Qwant, Bing which give relevant results of studies. Many information can help each one to manage their life. With the arrival of Alexa and Google home, the AI is now among the life of the public. Alexa can be used as a center home automation. Google Home can short list your task and interact with some home devices. As example to home automation are: heating, ventilation and air conditioning; lighting control, TV control, virtual toys and games, smart gird, smart device control, security system and pet cares. Moreover there are autonomous vehicles developed recently like drones and self-driving car. These features facilitate the everyday activities of people. The overboard is now very useful to drive without difficulty in some public places. Wearing your groceries through supermarket with help of intelligent carriage.

At last but not the least, the development of robotics and machines has marked the necessity of AI. Some robots are learning better and are really efficient in many housework such as cleaning, ranging and remembering everyday tasks. Those are just an example of the many jobs created by the AI companies but these advantages seem to be the most outstanding of this new category of technology.


First of all, this technology has deeply brought some upheaval in the field of many activity sector such as finances, enterprise, health and army. These are almost all component of a country system. All of that is indisputably under the control of government.

In the field of government application which are health and Army AI has found its place. The AI assists doctors and all the medical professionals in their work. And it will continue. One of the utmost application of AI is the combat against cancer by finding a lot of medicines and vaccines to treat cancer and helping doctors in detecting dash cancers. In addition the army is the greatest favored with presence of robots. We can list the exploration robots, commonly used by the army; the material transporter like ACER; the DARPAIA and the Big Dog. For the naval and air army there are the anti-mine systems; the KARTANA against enemy engines, the Drone Lijan and the JSM.

Moreover in the economy sector, the AI contributed to the automation of many operation. Financial institutions take benefits from AI due to its high intelligence to detect error, to arrange plan and to follow management procedure. Any frauds might not be undertaken. The robotics systems has benefits to the user and avoided the fraud and financial crimes. Furthermore, information asymmetry in the market is reduced by AI machines, making markets more efficient while reducing the volume of trades. In addition, in some businesses and enterprises, the AI take place considerably due to the use of intelligent manufacturing machine, communication system and market study program. Now, managing an enterprise become easy due to the reduction of the consuming task and the side effects of effort. Those are the big advantages of artificial intelligence.


In a country the factors of development involve: agriculture, industry, enterprise, public institution and education. So first, in the sector of agriculture, AI can contribute with automated machine to detect the best soil to plant, the best time to put fertilizer, and the best way to plow. With intelligent tractor many cultivating tasks can be quickly done. After that the industry field is the second domain where the application of AI is very efficient. Nowadays many car, airplane, tools, foods and mechanics industries are automated. The precision is so high to create a better design, a higher harvest and a large amount of production. In the world of business. The search engines and intelligent application facilitate considerably the management of the enterprise. The use of paper is reduced and the control of the operation are more efficient. Any frauds tentative could be done unless all the system is corrupted. Trade, transactions and payment are highly controlled by machines. For public institution, the advantage is from the automation of public services. At last Children and students can have the privilege to have a virtual assistant like Google, Qwant or Alexa to help their in their researches.

At the end, the artificial intelligence that works continuously represents a real factor of development with these many advantages and applications. It allows especially to foresee many data to improve the life of human being, to protect their home, to facilitate their life and to modulate the evolution of the world to a responsible utilization of resources. Artificial intelligence is the future. Soon, many house can act and take care of its inhabitant, many bus, taxi and trucks won’t need drivers anymore and life is totally reorganized.